By Sarah A LoBisco, ND

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The Bombardment of Media Health Madness

It’s hard to escape the bombardment of messages we receive daily regarding the benefits of movement and exercise. There is good reason why exercise is touted by many. It is one empowering tool that fits within a comprehensive framework to support our bodies and offers a wide array of health benefits.

These bootie moving benefits include: lowering the risk of many disease processes, assisting with the relaxation response, boosting stress resilience, supporting brain health, and optimizing weight. Exercise also has been shown to decrease overall mortality, balances blood sugar regulation, supports heart health and proper circulation, and much more

Just as with the topic of nutrition, there are many who are claimed as “experts” on this topic. This would be helpful if their ideals and viewpoints merged; however, this is not the case. Every fitness guru has their own plan for the perfect technique, weekly frequency, and recommended length of time that to get our sweat on.

To further complicate matters, nutrition is also included in their plans to boost weight loss and support prowess. When these experts suggest differing food plans or cleanses, the consumer can feel confused rather than guided down a pathway to health!

The Merry-Go-Round of Medicine

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Without a firm base of understanding of how we are all unique and have differing and specific nutritional needs, we may end up in the salad spinner of medical and fitness experts!  In fact, it seems that many are lost within this “health” model of being tossed about from one specialist to the next. They wander aimlessly to connect the dots of their body woes, exhausted from their constant search.

No worries, there is a way out of the maize.

I am fortunate that some of these health seekers end up at the door of my integrative colleagues and my own clinic. They are done with fighting within the salad spinner medical model, and have set the intention to move from passive observer of their health to participant. They are ready for an approach that is team-based and includes their conventional doctors’ wisdom with an integrative health solutions!

Naturopathic Medicine and Real Solutions

When people stop searching for the panacea and start working with this truly health-oriented support team, magic happens. This team takes into account the clients’ own guidance and stops scare tactics with problem focus or disease naming. Instead, they seek to build a powerful foundation for wellness by adjusting the causes of deregulation in the body. If they opt to use functional testing, they will further their clients even more by considering their unique genetic factors or nutrient needs. This is not just optimal weight, but to support all their body systems, on a cellular level!

It is the integrative practitioners’ job to partner with these self-selected clients to formulate an empowered individualized, compassionate, caring, inclusive, and tailored-made plan. I encourage my beautiful clients to work with me toas I assist them in decoding their body’s symptoms and offering suggestions to support their wellness goals. Digging deeper into genetic and functional needs for specific nutrients further specifies and optimizes results.


This is what BREAKFREE medicine is all about. It’s accounting for bio-individuality and everyone’s own unique biochemical, genetic, emotional, and spiritual blueprint. It’s about empowering the client to find what works for them. It clears the confusion of why one diet worked for Jane and made Joe carb crazy and gain more weight (or vice versa).

Beliefs transform as the idea that after 30 years headed toward a disease will be fixed with one month of a magic pill or supplement begins to be replaced with a lifestyle of true health. The clients are empowered as we tailor a plan they themselves help craft!

The payoff is getting off the salad spinner and cookbook protocols and into increased longevity, vitality, and zest for living. It is in this healing space that the body’s own innate healing power really kicks in! Miracles happen when the power of belief in your body’s own wisdom is ignited and combined with the science of individualized health care!

Join me and share your empowering health stories below!!

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