“Working with Dr. Sarah over the last 9 months has done more for my overall health than Western medicine has done for the past 30 years! After being on multiple prescription medications for over 18 years, I have transitioned off all medications and am able to control allergies and migraines with diet and supplements. I saw various specialists over the years, however Dr. Sarah was the one who took the time to intuitively study my lab results, look for patterns, and draw conclusions that other practitioners were not able to see. Her intelligence and knowledge of the biochemical mechanisms for ailments and disease along with my tangible results make me very confident in working with Dr. Sarah. If only we had more practitioners like her.”

~ Kate C

“Dear Dr. Sarah, I want to share with you the excitement and inspiration that I am feeling after our first consultation. It was the first time in my life that a doctor actually put all the pieces of me together. Having had several stress related disorders as well as other concerns, I’ve seen numerous specialists over the last twenty years. The visit with you was a first. Your approach is so different from what I have come to know as “care.” I could almost hear information and data moving through your brain – sorting and clicking into place. I felt assured and safe in your care, and sensed that you understand who I am and what I’m looking for. The consideration and integration of mind-body-spirit was evident in your manner and your recommendations. I look forward to implementing your advice and working together. To our continued relationship.”

~ Reisa M

Sarah’s level of knowledge and her willingness to share it makes her a valuable resource. Sarah’s skills are reflected in her work and her writings. She has a fabulous personality and is easy to talk to about anything! I highly recommend Sarah’s services.”

~ Melissa Ward, Web Site Developer/Managing Partner/ NewWard Development, LLC

“I’ve always believed in the body’s ability to heal itself if given the right tools. Two years ago, this belief became a passion when I was diagnosed T2 diabetic. The “diabetic cocktail” of meds I was prescribed frightened me more than the diagnosis! So I got busy. I immediately removed all the foods I knew were bad for me, started working out, and began my search for a holistic physician. As a careful…and admittedly skeptical…consumer, I knew I wanted to find a practitioner who was properly trained and certified through an accredited program. I was thrilled when I found Dr. Sarah LoBisco, especially given her professional education & training, certification, and experience. I eagerly made an appointment and was immediately confident, after meeting Dr. Sarah, that I could be helped with her professional guidance. She is able to provide information and guidance in ordinary language and she can wow me with the full scientific vernacular when I seek that level of detail! Dr. Sarah is compassionate and caring and meets me right where I am. I’ve been under Dr. Sarah’s care since that first meeting and I consider her to be a vital part of my health and well being. Not only is my T2 diabetes under control, with no pharmacological meds, but she has helped me with another issue that’s plagued me since childhood…anxiety and panic. With her help and recommended supplements, my body now responds properly to stress for the first time in my life. It is truly amazing to be able to process stress without my body going into debilitating panic-mode! I strongly recommend naturopathic care in the belief that the body can be restored to health. The one-on-one, bio-individual attention from a properly trained naturopathic physician is a welcome change from typically hurried medical appointments that all too often result in a handful of prescriptions. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Dr. Sarah LoBisco and trust in her skills as a naturopathic physician.”

~ Brenda V

“Dr. Sarah, I am writing to thank you for helping me with my health issues. After seeing my traditional doctors many times and getting nowhere with a diagnosis, you were able to help me identify the source of my problems as being a combination of gluten intolerance, stress and chemical exposure. What a difference! I am now feeling much better and have a handle on how to work with my food sensitivities. Thank you,”

~ Tina S.

“Having tested positive for Lyme disease in 2003, I have been a patient of Dr. LoBisco for a few years. Her recommendations for natural supplements to remove the toxic by-products of the Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete have been effective for managing my symptoms and avoiding many of the problems that those of chronic Lyme experience. Because Dr. LoBisco’s integrative medical approach considers my total lifestyle, as well as physical attributes, she has assisted me to improve my emotional, mental and spiritual aspects which further influences my physical well-being to optimize my entire health.”

~ Diane P

“My issues were, psoriasis-type skin problems, falling white blood cell count and debilitating fatigue. I was convinced that I was dying. I could not get through the day without a catnap at 2:00 and every other day my bedtime was 5:30p to 6:00a (often skipping dinner). My medical doctors confirmed my concerns but they could not identify the cause and offered drugs to help me. I was looking for causes, not temporary relief. Natural products were the answer for me – but so many? and which ones? Thus my search for a Naturopath … and found Dr. Sarah in October 2009. It turned out that gluten and toxicity were causing most of my problems… particularly fatigue, mal-nutrition and skin problems. Dr. Sarah worked with me and guided me with diet changes, vitamins/supplements and TLC. I noticed a significant difference in three months and the changes continue slowly but surely. D. Sarah continues to manage my supplements and I am grateful to her. I feel ‘well’ again and have the energy to do the things I love.”

~ Debbie D

“I don’t know where to start in thanking Dr. LoBisco for her compassion and integrity.  I have always believed that our body is capable of being healed by God.  I know he sometimes sovereignty heals, but I also know he uses doctors and the wisdom he gives them. In the almost 2 years I have worked with Dr. Lobisco, I have learned to listen to my body and she has helped me get to the bottom of many chronic symptoms.  She has listened intently and worked diligently using labs and her vast knowledge to identify issues, mostly with my immune system. At this point, I have become asymptomatic!  I believe with prayer, correct supplementation and allowing my body to come back in to balance, I truly feel “healed”!! I will continue to use Dr. LoBisco as my “go to” physician for anything that may come up with confidence that she will always use her listening ear and healing heart to point me in the right direction for a long, healthy life!”

~ Roxanne S.

“Dr Sarah is truly one of a kind; absolutely wonderful in so many ways. She truly cares deeply on all levels by being so thorough and continuously digging deep for the root causes of my many complicated health issues. She truly leaves no stone un-turned. Always adjusting my protocols to my specific needs. Dr Sarah is extremely warm, positive, knowledgeable, and has the ability to listen to me and clearly explain the “what” and “why” in great detail. Her follow-up care is impeccable.   I do not know where I would be in this  journey without her! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr Sarah to anyone looking for expertise, extra special care, and her attention to detail.   Five out of five stars!!!!

-Trudy K