Combining Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine for Holistic Consultations

Using a unique blend of naturopathic medicine and functional medicine in my practice, you will receive a holisitic, personalized, and caring wellness plan suited for your individualized needs and health concerns.

The Naturopathic Medicine principles honor the importance of the whole person, not just their organ parts. We will not just be addressing your symptoms, but be getting to the root cause of your issues.

Functional Medicine is a system-based approach that views all body systems as connected and interwoven. I will use this approach to gain insight into your unique biochemical and psychological imbalances. This will assist me in providing you with the precise supplement, nutritional, lifestyle and herbal interventions based on your specific needs.

These two medical paradigms are rooted in an understanding of conventional medicine and how it interacts with integrative therapies for safe and effective wellness outcomes. I will work with you and your primary care to optimize your treatment outcomes.

Overview: Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine Consultations

We will be incorporating naturopathic medicine and functional medicine to help empower you to achieve your current health goals. I can offer you a combination of mind-body medicine, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, nutraceuticals, essential oils, and medical foods for your natural, supportive therapeutic modalities.

Currently, my private wellness consultation practice is through telephone. This means you can have your wellness consultations while you are cozy at home and can relax after, without worrying about rushing through traffic.

Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine Wellness Visits Offerings: *

  • A combined naturopathic medicine and functional medicine consult with spacious individualized attention
  • Email clarifications between visits regarding the current plan that has been personalized for you
  • Recommendations continually assessed and updated based on your own unique bio- individuality and changes that occur
  • Comprehensive functional and wellness review of conventional and specialty labs as requested (see below)
  • Suggestions that integrate naturopathic and functional medicine with conventional options from your PCP
  • Expertise on the latest in medicine and health from extensive after hours training
  • Health updates through weekly-bimonthly email blogs (if you so choose)
  • Comprehensive nutritional & body wellness support that is specific to your unique needs
  • A naturopathic doctor who upholds the Health at Every Size pledge. This means I honor all body sizes and believe that everyone, regardless of body size, ethnicity, race, gender identity, religion, or culture deserves and is worthy of optimal wellness care.**
  • Virtual dispensary for optimizing individualized selection of your supplements
  • Discounted shipping rates

*Please note all wellness consultations are virtual, through telephone, unless prearranged.

**Specific food plans are used for those with unique health challenges ONLY when appropriate and are discussed thoroughly with extensive guidance. This is to ensure adequate nourishment and prevent disordered eating behaviors.

Information for New Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine Clients

Expect to chat with me for about 90 minutes for our initial consultation.

My office uses PayPal for service fees which are due 24 hours prior to the time of service to secure your appointment.

This allows me to focus on you and not take extra time in for billing and questions on payment.

Please have access to a computer and email account.  This keeps my overhead lower so you can communicate directly with me and get the personal touch you deserve when investing in your wellness.

Information for Scheduling a New Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine Consultation

Please contact me prior to your completion of forms to have a FREE 15-minute brief consultation to see if we are a good therapeutic match. I want to ensure you get what you need, even it means referring you to someone else who has a different specialty! Scheduling is usually within 2-10 weeks.

What is Needed for the First Appointment:

  1. Complete the initial consultation forms. They can be viewed and printed here or sent to a prospective client’s email address per request.
  2. If you’d like me to review a copy of your most recent blood work, please include only the most recent and relevant for our first meeting. The $100 pre-payment review includes labs ranging from 1-4 pages in length. I am more interested in learning from you on the intake, later on we may do an extensive lab review. (Please inquire first before sending more than suggested due to HIPPA.)
  3. Please add the columns in the symptom survey when you fill out the 4 page form. This is greatly appreciated.
  4. Download and send the consultation forms to my secure email address.
  5. Pay via PayPal the $100 non-refundable prepayment when you submit your forms. ($100 will be deducted from your full $335 visit fee). This deposit is necessary to hold your upcoming consultation slot.  It is non-refundable once an appointment is made and covers my pre-visit research and review of your forms and allows me to make the most of our time that is live together.
  6. Once everything is received, your appointment will be confirmed. *

* Please note that the first consultation is an intake- only appointment and covers our 90 minutes together and my research pre- and post-visit. You will be getting basic, foundational suggestions first at this visit. Our second consultation will be the actual personalized, wellness plan. It is suggested that you are ready to book both appointments prior to our initial consultation.

Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine Fees

  1. Initial Consultation: $335- includes $100 pre-payment.
  2. Progress Update & Wellness Plan Adjustment: $255– includes brief write-up, and brief and basic email clarification on wellness protocol
  3. 2nd Visit: Initial Plan of Action for Wellness Transformation/Health Goals: $295– plan review for wellness goals
  4. Wellness Lab Review Consultations: $295– review and wellness plan summary updates (complementary with your standard of care recommendations)
    -Functional labs require an additional $100 reading fee ($395) (labs are sold at the wholesale rate and are only done as needed per request.)
  5. Acute Phone Consult & Quick Maintenance Check-Ins: $125 for acute issue consultations to complement conventional care for health events that occur between wellness check-ins.
  6. Group Visits- to create community, I will be offering online programs, challenges, and group gatherings. Please use my contact form if you are interested.
  7. Additional charge- $25 per 15 minutes for additional office services not covered under a routine visit. This is per the client’s request.*
  8. Supplements- Supplement suggestions can range from $100-325+/month as one is healing. Each protocol is personalized and based on the individual. Products are purchased through distributors in which I receive a small commission.

**I am only able to effectively make wellness recommendations with an interactive dialogue. Therefore, for the highest level of individualized care, acute issues require a mini or full scheduled consultation so I can tailor a specific protocol for you.

Prepayment and service fees are required 24 hours prior to consultations.

Although I am a licensed naturopathic doctor, NYS does not currently license naturopathic physicians as Primary Care Providers (PCP); therefore, insurance does not cover Naturopathic or Functional Medicine consultations or allow prescribing rights in New York.

Cancellation & Fee Policy

Due to the research, work, and time I invest in my clients’ individualized treatment plans, you are subject to rescheduling and cancellation fees. (Void in urgent circumstances or emergencies.)

  • There is a $65 cancellation fee for rescheduling or cancellations 48-24 hours prior to their appointment.
  • No shows with no notification of cancellation of appointments or less than 24 hours’ notice will be responsible for the full service fee of the appointment and will be billed via PayPal.
  • if you are rescheduling frequently, be ready to pay at time of booking.
  • If you have more than one no-show, we will discuss if  we are a good fit and you may be referred to another practitioner to continue your care.
  • If you are rescheduling frequently, I will want to discuss with you the value of our therapeutic relationship.