I just completed listening to the final presenter on the online Detox Summit sponsored by the Institute for Functional Medicine. This means from August 4th until today, my iPhone or computer was streaming information into my ears during my daily activities. During cooking prep, outdoor runs, and car rides, some of the most well-known and esteemed leaders in functional medicine and healing were cementing their wisdom into my brain.

A few years ago, I attended my first functional medicine advanced practice module in detox training. After witnessing the expert precision of my teachers in individualizing medicine based on the biochemistry, genetic profiles, lifestyle patterns, diet, and temperament of their patients, I was hooked. At that point, I decided to pursue certification and spread the word about functional medicine.

During the summit, I was determined to take advantage of this “super team “of practitioner whizzes and share the information with my readers and clients. Others were noticing my determination. I was power walking and burst training outdoors while my friendly neighbor was leisurely walking his dog. He proclaimed, “You’re a woman on a mission!” He was right. I was feeling the positive juju from some of my favorite celebrity docs.

Below is my video summary of some of the key points I learned from the summit.

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