Why Another Blog on the Same Darn Tips Said In a Different Way?




Is your inbox also exploding with newsletters providing dietary tips and holiday do’s and don’ts? If you are subscriber of BreakFree Medicine, I’m one guilty party! In fact, this Sunday I wrote a blog which highlighted 4 simple tips on how to keep your holidays healthy and happy while honoring your own food preferences. I also gave suggestions on how to mitigate any digestive distress that could result from possible food cross-contamination or from a little splurge of something that may not be optimal food for your gut bugs.

For some, the last thing they want to contemplate is optimizing their diet during the holidays. They may view us holistic practitioners, devoted nutritionists, wellness “experts”, and functional medicine doctors as annoying nits who aim to deprive them of their treats or make them feel guilty for eating something that isn’t optimal for their health. However, this is not my aim.

Many of clients and readers have begun or continue to be on a path which took some effort but which allowed them to wake up from a life of sickness and disease control and enter into a world of truly feeling free of cravings and being imprisoned in their body. I want that for you, even if it’s just to begin on a path, one meal at a time. Furthermore, holidays can be a trigger and many who have taken the turn to wellness and have transformed their health want to keep the momentum going. That’s why the crazy amounts of emails are clogging up your computer. It’s because, most likely, you have signed up with someone who truly does care.

So, here goes…here’s more tips for you to thrive during the holidays and keep the momentum going. Enjoy the activities and be flexible…and be careful of healthism.


Holiday Thrive Tip 1:

Read my blog from this Sunday and you get four tips in 1! It’s Black Friday early!

Holiday Thrive Tip 2-8:

Click here for the rest of my Holiday Thrive Tips including:

  1. Knowing what’s on your plate
  2. What “food” to avoid and what to substitute instead if you really need to
  3. Satisfying your sweet tooth without guilt
  4. Why to avoid soda
  5. The importance of community and emotional health
  6. Moving your bootie to bust through cravings

I’m grateful for all of you and how you allow me to live my purpose of empowering others to live a more vibrant and healthy life. May you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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