Why Do We Need to Know So Much Bad About Our Toxic World? Learn Why Below and Five Resources for Positive Solutions!

It may seem like I’m semi-bombarding you with “bad news” about the inordinate and undetermined amount of toxins we are surrounded by every day. I’ve recently compiled a summary on why it’s important to pay attention to this “scary topic.”

The bottom line is it is vital to understand the risk of these exposures for our health, future generations, and for the planet. In fact, just recently this connection between using toxic chemicals on ourselves and the planet was revealed. In March, the UN published their 198-page report on untreated wastewater which, rather than being used as an untapped resource, was spreading contamination to our environment and negatively affecting human, animal, and sea creatures across the globe.

The results are not of small significance.

There are negative consequences to ignoring these harmful health consequences, becoming indifferent (due to hopelessness, convenience/fear of change), or even being too hypervigilant!

I can understand these unhelpful coping responses if we were truly powerless, but we aren’t. We can rationally look at the evidence and make a different choice.

There are solutions!

By learning more about the issue at hand, and using this knowledge, we can prevent more cumulative effects.

For example, the UN report was not just a “bad news, the world is going to “h-e-double hockey sticks” news release.


It was not only informative of the problem, but also gave solutions to mitigate it!







Helping You Navigate This Chemical Soup World

The trajectory of our world being inundated with toxic chemicals is halted by one consumer choice at a time!

This is why my BreakFree Medicine crew is busy providing you with different choices by introducing you and educating you about greener living and non-toxic personal and health care products.

You will notice our passion about having essential oils be part of this solution. This is because (a) they are a non-toxic alternative (b) they actually support our bodies AND (c) help us detoxify AS THEY (d) prevent more exposure!!


Watch and Learn Now About All of This “STINK!”

I’m posting this today, rather than Saturday, because I wanted to give you an opportunity to experience the documentary, “STINK!”

The theme centers on toxic smells and the negative public health risks of hidden, synthetic fragrances. It is about an hour, so you can watch as your prepping for your Easter or other weekend dining feast.

However, I just noted that today is the last day to view for FREE (April 14, 2017). (I have no affiliation with this film, only a desire for education.)

This film shows why it’s IMPERATIVE to know more about risks associated with synthetic fragrances.

I just had a client today who told me they bought an oil from a health food store and thought it was okay because it was labeled as “organic!”

My response:

“I have failed you!!”

“I haven’t been clear about quality and the importance of purity of essentials!! Woe-is-me!!”

This one move could be the mistake that led to some unwanted symptoms! (We balanced it out, it’s all good now.)

So, in case I wasn’t clear…. Ahem…


Furthermore, toxic fragrances can be added to any product, including essential oils, without any mandatory label on the bottle or safety assessment through the FDA!

It’s the manufacturer itself that is responsible for determining consumer harm…the fox guarding the hen-house of “deadly, beautiful smells!”









Buyer Beware!!

Please see my database on quality if you aren’t convinced that oil purity is important.


4. Here are some articles with resources for non-toxic personal care products: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Skin Deep Database.


5. Diffuse Essential Oils during this weekend and throughout the whole year to enjoy the positive health, environmental, and mood-enticing effects, WITH NO “STINKY YUCK!”






Disclaimer: This information is applicable ONLY for therapeutic quality essential oils. This information DOES NOT apply to essential oils that have not been tested for purity and standardized constituents. There is no quality control in the United States, and oils labeled as “100% pure” need only to contain 5% of the actual oil. The rest of the bottle can be filled with fillers and sometimes toxic ingredients that can irritate the skin.

This material is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any illness. You should check with your doctor regarding implementing any new strategies into your wellness regime. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. (Affiliation link.)