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By Sarah A LoBisco, ND

Last week, I made reference to the fact that I got side-tracked from my monthly task of “Top Reads”. Now, it’s time to share why!

My brain lapse was due to an email containing four videos on the science of BodyTalk received from a fantastic and gifted BodyTalk Practitioner.

In these videos, founder John Veltheim, D.C., B.Ac., CBI, SrCBI, CBI, ATI, BAT, discusses the mechanisms and science of energy medicine and how one specific system, BodyTalk, works. Dr. Veltheim is a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist, philosopher, and teacher. His post graduate training includes applied kinesiology, bioenergetics, psychology, osteopathy, sports medicine, counseling, comparative philosophy and theology.

In the videos below, Dr. Veltheim explains that our health care is too focused on the methodology of science, which is hyper-focused on research based on an outdated model. This system rests upon the Descartes and Newtonian model. In this representation, the body is viewed as separate and independent organ systems rather than an interdependent, network within a dynamic system. This results in prescribing medications without regard to how they will affect the body as a whole. (For example, the increased risk for diabetes in those who use statin medications).

Dr. Veltheim even extends how our shortsighted viewpoint on the body can affect our planet and our society’s emotional health. This could explain why the rate of depression and teen suicide is rising, despite the increase use of antidepressants.

Psychology Today reports:

A complicating factor is that when teenagers take antidepressants, they may not react the same way as adults do.

The Harvard Mental Health Letter notes that “Teen bodies do not absorb and eliminate drugs in the same way adult bodies do, and their brains may be affected differently as well. A child’s development could be detoured by a misapplication of drugs.”

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) information describes that individual response to these medications cannot be predicted with any certainty.

A 2003 study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that no completed suicides occurred among nearly 2,200 children treated with SSRI medications. But about 4 percent of those taking SSRI medications experienced suicidal thinking and some suicide attempts, twice the rate of those taking placebo, or sugar pills.

As a result, the FDA issued a “black box” label warning, the most serious type of warning in prescription drug labeling, indicating that antidepressants may increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behaviour.

(Muller, R. Prescription for Controversy: Antidepressants & Teen Suicide: Talking About Trauma. May 31, 2013).

Therefore, western health care must begin to embrace and understand the body beyond a two dimensional, biochemical model if we are to earn better rankings in results of our medical system worldwide. Dr. Veltheim and many of my functional medicine practitioner mentors have helped connect the dots between how anatomy and physiology can be combined with biochemistry, systems theory, and quantum mechanical theory to create lasting impacts and fully heal various conditions. What this means is that we are more than a broken arm, cirrhotic liver, or allergy sufferer.

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In the functional medicine organ systems approach, doctors will consider that for a bone to truly heal, it needs proper circulation (cardiovascular) to bring it nutrients and immune cells to clean up the inflammatory site (immune system). Furthermore, the proper neuroendocrine signals that communicate pain sensations to the brain must be regulated. This is in order to effectively mediate the healing response to the end organ.

I was thrilled today to see how even conventional medicine is now looking at these inter-connections beyond one organ system. This was displayed in an article in Medscape, which linked two seemingly separate disease processes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and SpA  (Spondyloarthritis in the form of ankylosing spondylitis) to a similar cause. In this article it was from an imbalanced microbiome:

Although at first glance, the overlap between arthritis and SpA might seem to reflect the coexistence of 2 common disorders, the fact is that they share many pathogenetic mechanisms: genetic susceptibility to abnormal antigen presentation, aberrant recognition of self, autoantibodies against specific antigens shared by the colon and other extracolonic tissues, increased intestinal permeability, and an infectious trigger.

(Paget, S. Medscape Rheumatology:Colitis and Arthritis: What’s the Connection? June 8, 2013.

Still, if one only views this physical aspect of the disease process, even if it is within a system-based model, it can be tempting to get lost in the network dynamics (which I must admit, I love studying!). Various factors are all at play that accumulate to influence all these interdependent systems. Our western word for this is “stress.”

It is now well-accepted that stress affects our body. We see increased risk of heart attack, blood sugar metabolism disorders, immune depression, gastrointestinal distress (including ulcers), hormonal imbalances, and mood disorders, among others. This is also why the functional and naturopathic philosophies honor the mind-body. How one thinks can perpetuate a disease process and create waxes and wanes of returning symptoms.

These various stressors accumulate until they reach a threshold in which the body no longer is in balance and hospitable to health. It is drained of its vital force. From here, sickness is experienced. In functional and naturopathic medicine, this can be termed the “total toxic load”. No one arrives at my clinic door with a perfectly intact immune system one day and cancer or an autoimmune disease the next. It is the net effect of years of the same, harmful behavior that finally gave in.

In other words, these stressors can accumulate for years without expression until the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back is experienced. Using drugs or even supplements that simply suppress a symptom, in the long-term, will not bring balance to the body.

Dr. Veltheim explains how unless we look at all the various stressors, environmental and emotional factors, we will never fully make a change at our imprinted DNA level. The patterns will keep repeating. These stressors act as switches that turn on the body’s genes that lead to a disease process in those with an inherited tendency toward that disease. In other words, these stressors serve as epigenetic factors. (As you’ll recall from previous blogs, epigenetics are changes in genetic expression from environmental exposures that do not involve a nucleotide change in DNA, but rather by factors such as methylation or histone modification).

Dr. Veltheim’s videos are below with a brief summary by me of each. They contain the connection between initiation and knowledge, our bio-energetics filed, how tapping changes the DNA patterning, and more.J

I was so excited to share this with you and see how the connection of everything I’m learning from genetics, biochemical individuality, and mind-body medicine is coming together.
Happy listening!

If you want to learn more about some other mind-body techniques and how connection affects our health, visit my blog soon to be posted at

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BodyTalk Experience : Introduction(8:52) 

Science, the Medical Model, and more.

1. Scientific research which is not based on health but on research

2. In Quantum Theory-No independent Factor

Your Health Story (24:26) 

Every choice and every experience has contributed to your current state of health. Discover the components to your health story.

1. Diagnosis based on symptom collaboration summary and we need to treat the full picture instead

2. How epigenetics and lifestyle experiences, traumas, all contribute to the reemergence of a disease that had been controlled.

-no two people with the same disease have the same details that add up to the diagnosis or symptoms

-the adaptation range differs in people and one may be able to accumulate enough to make symptoms appear or reappear sooner or later than another

The Body Can Self Heal (8:01) 

How the body’s patterns are all connected

Example: A sprained ankle waiting to happen:

-ankle has meridians that link to the gallbladder and thinking. The emotions are decision making and fear or worry

-a man needing to make a decision about marriage is walking down the street after eating a fatty meal (gallbladder stress) stressed on his decision and sprains his ankle.

Intuition and the Zone (19:04) 

1. Discussion of the innate wisdom of how body has a “bioenergetics blueprint

-electromagnetic blueprints of our body are expressed similar to EMF fields of technology

-they are being studied in Australia. One study was on the blueprint that was the “guideline” to the frog’s development”

-when the researchers bombarded the EMF around where the legs where located, the frog developed with mutilated legs

-these early studies are showing how altered electromagnetic blueprint and how environmental frequencies can change health outcomes

2. Biofeedback

-Behind biofeedback techniques for muscle testing for strength but focusing on how a stimulus creates a body response

3. Left Brain (Rational, Knowledge, Wisdom) and Right brain (Intuition and Creativity) forms structured intuition

-both forms of knowledge are needed for optimal healing

-in medicine one needs the knowledge of body, pathology, anatomy, and bio-energetics in order to be able to read the left brain intuition correctly

-working just with intuition of the right brain could cause chaos!

         -example best homeopaths best pathology diagnostics

BodyTalk Basics (Protocol, Tapping and a Formula) (11:55) 

1. The BodyTalk formula to break the epigenetic cycle and link all the connections

– how the formula affects the morphogenic energy field and how tapping on the top of head affects the standing wave to interrupt the pattern and bring changes to collapse the energetic blueprint into a healing one

-this may explain why tapping works! It is within the field of quantum physics.

-when you change the shape of anything (think breakdown of tissues), you change the function!

2. The heart’s communication with the rest of the cells of the body is what is responsible to keep the change (HeartMath Institute)

What does a session look like? (11:53) 

Watch John Veltheim (founder of BodyTalk) facilitate a BodyTalk session.


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