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Introduction: Being Healthy in 2023

As we enter into 2023 and move out of the holiday pause, being astute to the holiday aftereffects on our mind-body is essential. This means taking good care of our physical and mental health to prevent the negative ramifications of excess stress. In this way, we can enter the new year refreshed.

After all, isn’t good health one of the most important things in life?

That’s a good question.

Most would say yes, but do they really know what health is… to them?

Is it really just diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits?

As in medicine where the pursuit of health may translate to using a medication to chase away symptoms of disease, in integrative medicine the focus can be too heavily placed on what we eat, how we move, and what we do or don’t do “right.”

These things are key factors to wellness, but they aren’t what makes us thrive.

There is not enough attention to community, mindset, and honoring one’s connection to their beliefs and values.

After all, without knowing what drives you and what you feel is of value, why would you pursue or even stick to “healthy habits.”

Heck, maybe it’s just not that significant to you. Well, then you wouldn’t have read this far.

Working with clients for the past 15+ years, I’ve learned that it’s only when one is aligned with their inner truth that a true transformational healing can occur.

Do you agree?

When is the last time you followed someone else’s version of what you “should do” willingly?

In this article, I have compiled five of my top articles from 2022 together with some updated resources.

They go beyond the diet culture diatribe of guilting you into eating “better” and “exercising more.” They provide a more integrative viewpoint on wellness.

It’s free, and it’s meant to help you succeed in moving forward into holistic health in 2023.

If you want to see what I feel is really the most crucial information to arm yourself with into 2023 and what has provided benefits to myself and my clients, click here starting January 2, 2023.

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Starting now, make just a tiny more effort toward better self-care.

Isn’t it time to show up more for yourself and build the habits that are correct for you and resonate with your own truth?

Learn more.

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