Part I: Introduction

In this week’s article, I began a new series centered around the latest herbal “darling” on the block, CBD (cannabidiol) oil. This “magic elixir” has captured the attention of mainstream media with advocates ranging from physicians, “stoners,” and celebrities. Although some may feel this is a new fad, it is actually the reemergence of a long-term, legitimate medical intervention.

My interest in covering this topic was for a few reasons:

  1. I have been researching its effects for years due to client inquiries. I have had several of them purchase it of their own accord and their responses have run the gamut.
  2. A well-researched article was brought to my attention that explored the cautions, potential side effects, and drug interactions of CBD oil.

Both of these factors fueled my desire to provide a balanced view of CBD oil. I respect its power and feel it is necessary to look at it from all angles so that people can make a responsible decision on whether to try it.

If you have been curious about CBD oil, this series is intended for you. In this 10-minute video, I discuss:

  • Why I subscribe to biochemical individuality and am so passionate about it.
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly that can occur when blindly drinking the Kool-Aid of the next “cure-all.”
  • The dance of the different darlings that appear in health and medicine, with a special highlight on CBD’s esteemed predecessor, curcumin.
  • A glimpse into the potential adverse effects of CBD oil, its drug interactions, and several precautions.
  • How the farm bill shifted the legality of hemp oil and the regulation of CBD oil.


Please share your thoughts and comments below.

Stay tuned!

In upcoming posts and videos, I will dive more into topics related to CBD oil!

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Please note, unless stated on my BreakFree Medicine website, there is no endorsement of any CBD or associated products. I have been notified that one company has reposted one of my CBD videos with a link to their product without proper permission. I have currently asked them to remove the association and am investigating my next actions.


This material is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any illness. You should check with your doctor regarding implementing any new strategies into your wellness regime. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. (Affiliation link.)

Disclaimer: This information is applicable ONLY for therapeutic quality essential oils. This information DOES NOT apply to essential oils that have not been tested for purity and standardized constituents. There is no quality control in the United States, and oils labeled as “100% pure” need only to contain 5% of the actual oil. The rest of the bottle can be filled with fillers and sometimes toxic ingredients that can irritate the skin. The studies are not based solely on a specific brand of an essential oil, unless stated. Please read the full study for more information.


Note: Please note, unless stated on my BreakFree Medicine website, I have no affiliation with certain products. Some companies may be posting my link without proper permission and linking them to their products. I have currently asked them to remove the association. Due to this, this video is currently private but can be viewed on this link on my website.