This is Part VIII in my series on CBD (cannabidiol) oil. You can get the summaries of each of the previous topics in the accompanying videos below:

Video 1: Introduces CBD oil and some safety measures to consider before using it.

Video 2: Summarizes the history of the regulation and legal status of the cannabis family.

Video 3: Explains the properties of hemp, CBD oil, and the cannabis plant in general. It also covers the current medical indications for CBD oil.

Video 4: Highlights the regulatory status of CBD oil after the passage of the Farm Bill.

Video 5: Discusses the actions of the endocannabinoid system and how the various cannabinoids found in cannabis interact with it. (Resources and tables are provided.)

Video 6: Reviews the benefits of the whole “entourage” of compounds found in cannabis and the effects of a single isolate, such as CBD. (Resources and tables are provided.)

Video 7: Explains the various factors to consider when deciding whether CBD oil, or any health modality, is right for you.  (Reference article: Care and Feeding of the Endocannabinoid System)

If you have not yet done so, please read “An Important Review of the Factors to Consider When Determining if CBD Oil is Right for You!” It reviews the topics already covered in this series including important caveats, potential side effects, legal regulations, indications, and other essential information to know before using CBD oil.


Exploring the Actions of the “Entourage” Effects of Full Spectrum Hemp and CBD

Along with discussing the factors for determining if CBD oil would work well for your unique biochemical and emotional needs in the previous video, I also began introducing the background to the current topics covered in this video. It is important to have a basic knowledge of the endocannabinoid system to understand the differences between effects of a full spectrum hemp oil, which contains CBD and all the cannabinoids, vs. an extracted oil of an isolated component found in the cannabis plant, CBD.

In this 11-minute video, I cover:

  • Why it is important to understand the aspects, properties, and regulation of CBD oil and how these factors may affect your unique experiences and genetic blueprint.
  • What it means to have “synergy” with a full spectrum hemp oil.
  • The potentially different outcomes of the “entourage” effect of cannabinoids and an isolated compound such as CBD.
  • The many effects of CBD on various receptors in the body and how these intricate actions are interwoven with your own complex biochemistry.
  • Medical indications of this isolate.
  • The responsibility of the consumer to know what they are ingesting and the potential effects of any intervention.
  • My generalizations regarding when one may best benefit from an isolate or a whole herbal product.

For access to the resources and references on this topic, please see the accompanying article here.

Please share your comments and thoughts below!

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