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It’s been awhile since I took some time out from my favorite topic of essential oils and focused on my other favorite topicour trillion little tiny friends that line our insides and outside!!

Now, it’s back to our belly (and other) bugs!

Ever since the Human Microbiome Project, which sought to study the impact of the sum of the microorganisms that live in and on our body, researchers and doctors have become practically obsessed with these critters. Never did one guess they would have such a profound impact on all aspects of one’s health!

As our understanding of this relatively “new organ system” evolves, and our means to study it (microbiomology), more research emerges that shifts our understanding.  These studies have been rolling out in rapid speed (“microbiome” gets over 30,000 hits in PubMed)! The results are affecting clinicians’ and scientists’ perceptions on how the human body works and just how interconnected we are with these little internal inhabitants.

This week, I decided to break out some of the “bug-loving” articles from my monthly Top Holistic and Integrative Health Reads below and highlight some of the most interesting and latest findings in this area from February 2017. You can find it here.

If this is all new to you, I invite you read this blog, “Microbiome Insights For (the Not So) Dummies: A Simple Blog To Make You Sound Really Smart About Belly Bugs.”

If you’d rather listen and learn to catch up, click on the link for one of favorite 17-minute TED talks with microbe-connoisseur,  Rob Knight !

So, are you overwhelmed by the hugeness of such a microscopic influence?

It may make you wonder, “Who is inhabiting who?” “Are we just microbe-transporting device units?”

So, you still think your human?

You may want to think again!

Watch this 9-minute video!  This was released in 2012. Although we’ve learned so much since then, but you’ll get the foundation for ideas of the topic!



Now, Here Are Some Other Buggy Connection Highlights For You:


In Case You Missed One of Last Years’ Fave:

Psychological Stress, Immunity, and the Effects on Indigenous Microflora.


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