January 24, 2011: A course in Ease, Part I
January 31, 2011: A course in Ease, Part II
March 11, 2011: Recording for Menopause Radio: Anxiety & Panic Attacks in Menopause (archived here)
April 18, 2011: Launch of Individualized Cleansing Program!
April-May 2011: Prep for writing items for Naturopathic Licensing Boards
May 14, 2011: Integrative Forum I: Detox
June 27, 2011: Integrative Forum II: Open Topic
July 21, 2011: Terry Quigley & Lori Mershon to host Essentail Oils Workshop
July 28, 2011: Integrative Forum III: Continuation of Open Topic
August 24, 2011: Presentation to U of A, EAP
September 15, 2011: Presentation for Heart Centered Business Women, Latham, NY
October 6th, 2011: Integrative Forum IV: Continuation of Open Topic
November 3rd 2011: Drug-Nutrient Interactions Every Doctor Should Know. Albany, NY
November 15, 2011: Presentation to U of A, EAP II
November 20, 2011: Featured Speaker at Saratoga Healthy Living Expo, Saratoga, NY
December 8-13, 2011: Training with the Institute for Functional Medicine, Advanced Practice Module, Arizona