By Sarah A LoBisco, ND

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I’ve had the pleasure of tuning into The HayHouse World Summit, an online event that featured 110 inspirational authors within a 10 day span. The speakers included Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, Marcelle Pick, M.S.N., OB/GYN NP, Mark Hyman, MD, Lissa Rankin, MD, Dr. Northrup, MD, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Dawson Church, Wayne Dyer, Maryanne Williamson, Michael Neil, and Robert Holden.

This was like a rock concert party on my laptop for me!

My heart strings were tugged as I listened as these teachers weaved the tapestry between science, healing, and wholeness. I was jamming along as the science of neurology, nutrigenomics, epigenetics, emotional health, spirituality, and biochemistry was intertwined and unified into a common endpoint-even if the language of expression was different. 

These various scientists, masters, and doctors discussed how programming downloaded prenatally and in infancy can run our stress response and play out learned responses via neural pathways in our brain. These programs play out in our adult life through various and individual biochemical and physical effects. To some teachers these results are expressed as a blockage from our true self and purpose; whereas, others discussed the specific negative impacts on our biology and disease processes. The good news is they all offered solutions in a variety of ways.

As I’m writing my blog for this week, I’m listening to the last stream of speakers. Currently, Larry Dossey, MD is continuing with the theme above. He is discussing how human intention and prayer (what he also terms “communication with the absolute”) affects physical change and how love and compassion can be used to support modern medicine’s results.

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What struck me through this summit is how science is validating the body and spirit’s power to heal. It was serendipitous in timing to my training with the Institute for Functional Medicine’s 2013 Annual Symposium, Illuminating the Energy Spectrum.

Besides learning about how genetic diversity, individualized exposures, and lifestyle effects biological imprinting, our last day in Texas training included a whole series on the Therapeutic Encounter. We were presented with a summary of various scientific studies connecting the power of the mind and connection to others and how it positively impact healing (see below references).

The most amazing presentation to me was with David Perlmutter, M.D., F.A.C.N and Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. Here, a shaman and neurologist united quantum physics, biochemistry, and neurology with the body’s healing potential.

My passion and purpose was found in the expression of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine eleven years ago. These two disciplines promote the unification of all practitioners coming together and helping to eradicate fear and hopelessness in medicine and educate empowerment in the body’s innate healing potential! I am so grateful for these teachers and my ability to pay it forward in my own way.

Please visit my upcoming blog for the continuation of this blog and the power of spontaneous remission!

These blogs are dedicated to all of my clients who have been my partners and teachers through the years as well!


The 2013 HayHouse World Summit. June 1-June 10, 2013.

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