(With a Special Focus on the Acclaimed “Mr. Mitochondria!”)

By Sarah A LoBisco, ND

Next week, I’ll be heading out of dodge and into “Dr. Sarah Geek Bliss!”

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That’s right; it’s time for the Institute for Functional Medicine’s 2013 Annual Symposium: Illuminating the Energy Spectrum!


I’ll be live and in person amongst my mentors, functional medicine colleagues, and clinical geniuses, and like-minded healers- a doctor’s dream.

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The focus for my cerebral strengthening marathon will be on various contributors to energetic drains on the body. In all-out functional medicine style we’ll explore the tiniest details and how the microscopic view has impact on the whole body.  We’ll be peering at cellular functions and organ system regulation and then diving down the rollercoaster ride onto a quantum physics energetic level highway. Our tour guide and star performer will be a well acclaimed cellular player, the powerhouse-cell structure, Mr. Mitochondria, himself! (Do I appear star-struck?)

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Following in depth presentations from Mr. Mitochondria’s admirers on how energy drains contribute to symptoms of fatigue, depression, inflammation, and pain, we will then learn how to implement various biochemical, nutritional, lifestyle, and integrative biophysical/energetic techniques to decrease these stress contributors on the body within the systematic functional medicine model.

The endpoint will be amongst sad waves as we head off, exiting out of Texas humidity, and smiling smugly with satisfaction about what we will implement when we land among the cloudy Upstate skies.

As a Parting Gift….

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been discussing the impact of fear, stress, and trauma on the brain. I’ve made stress the focus of many blog topics, and one of the main reasons is its biochemical downstream effects. This includes this energy deregulation pattern discussed above that will be my major focus for the next two weeks.

So, by now, most of my loyal blog readers know that EXCESS, CHRONIC, stress on the body, either from mental angst, biochemical variations, or oxidative stress in Mr. Mitochondria is something that should be mitigated for a truly integrative, healing response.

(Of note: we do need balance. That is, there is such a thing as “positive stress.” Think of a child’s first cold to “workout” his budding immune system as his microflora in his gut shift to deal with the changing environment.”)

What’s the best way to deal with these stressors now?

Of course, as a dutiful naturopathic and functional medicine devotee, my answer will always begin with: (dramatic pause), “Well, it depends on the person.” J

However, I’d like to provide you with some strategies for mind-calming as your doctor heads off to learn even more tips to fit into each of your integrative wellness plan. So, be sure to look for these tips on my Saratoga.com blog this week!

Gentle Reminder for the week:

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With my travels in mind, please be kind to me and my staff within the next two weeks. Specifically, this is regarding my inability to communicate in my intellectual Mecca from May 27th-June 5th. I hope you have some comfort in the knowledge that this time will be used for better care for you in the long-run! 🙂