Recently, I listened to a radio interview by Dr. Christian Northrup, OBGYN, to Cardiologist, Dr. Frank Sinatra, MD. Dr. Sinatra explained his journey with his son’s health, and how it wasn’t until he could not find any plausible answers to why his son was on the verge of death that he began to study the effects of electro- pollution. Today, his son is alive and well, thanks to his father’s diligent search for health and the solutions he found to protect his family from the toxic wireless environment.

Research to support the negative effects of EMFs, Wi-fi, and cellular phones are enough to cause a warning label on them and prohibit their use in children in various European countries. Although the President’s Cancer Panel  did suggest using cell phones with precaution in June; the United States has not set an absolute warning to the public. This is in part due to poor study designs, safety standards which do not take into account duration of use, thermal output, proximity to the brain, and the fact that these various studies on “safety” were funded by the cellular companies themselves.  Lack of guidelines remain in effect,  even though a warning by environmental researchers was reported in 2008 (abstract):

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