(Rose) Geranium Oil, What’s It’s Role in Hormonal Health: Havoc, or Hype? Part II

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In Part I, I provided an overview of rose geranium essential oil. Click here to get the review of its major health benefits and a few additional ones I just learned on mouth fungus and sniffle relief!

Now, it’s time to dig deeper into learning more about rose geranium essential oil. In this post, I will be reviewing its impact on hormones and mood from the research, my experience with clients, and other experts’ opinions.

This article is another addition to my series to vindicate the good name of essential oils for hormonal health and body balance. You can find the latest summary on the acquittals of harm and happy verdicts for clary sage, fennel, and sage here.


Of Mice, Men, Women, and Humans:

A Research Review of Rose Geranium Oil and its Hormonal-Mood Impact

Protecting Mice Sperm from Environmental Exposures

In a rodent study, authors sought to determine if the components of rose geranium oil acted as a protective antioxidant for reproductive health against the negative impact of a pesticide, deltamethrin. They believed that this insecticide caused many of its damages by promoting excess oxidative stress in the body.

To test this, researchers assessed the effect of rose geranium essential oil (EO) on sperm quality after 35 days of application. The male mice were divided into six equal groups:

  • the control group which received 2.5% diluted DMSO by gavages
  • one group was given deltamethrin
  • two groups were administered deltamethrin after receiving either rose geranium essential oil (67 mg/kg b.w.) or vitamin E (Vit E) (100 mg/kg b.w.)
  • two groups received only EO of geranium or Vit E.

The components found in the rose geranium oil were determined and measurements of sperm quality and oxidative stress (enzymatic and non-enzymatic) were analyzed. The article states that, “the antioxidant activity of the essential oil could be attributed in part to the presence of compounds such as ? -citronellol and geraniol and its ability to decompose free radicals by quenching reactive oxygen species and trapping radicals before reaching their cellular targets [35].”

The researchers concluded:

Essential oil of geranium prevented testicular oxidative damage explored by reduced LPP* and improved total sperm motility, viability and morphology in mice spermatozoa. Our study showed a positive influence of geranium essential oil in the animal male reproductive system similar than that of Vit E. (source)

* Lipid peroxidation (LPP) is a marker of oxidative damage.

In summary, this experiment showed that rose geranium essential oil may actually serve as a protectant to reproductive health from our toxic world…at least in male rodents.

Although rodent studies can be helpful with determining mechanisms of components found in essential oils, it’s important to keep in mind the caveats when extrapolating results to human beings. These include: differences in metabolism, enzymatic processes, dosage conversions, administration procedures, and more which was explored here and here.

That being said, let’s look at what rose geranium can do for humans, particularly for women.


Humans, Hormones, Stress and Essential Oils

In a previous blog, I discussed how essential oils can modulate stress, mood, and emotions. This in turn effects hormones, as stress and negative emotions can cause havoc on reproductive hormonal balance. (source, source, source, source, source)

As we move through this discussion, let’s remember that most studies are looking at the results (e.g., relief of symptoms, a rise in hormone levels in the body), not necessarily the mechanisms.

This means that although it is possible essential oils could impact hormonal levels, they aren’t necessarily estrogenic, acting as estrogen when in living organisms. (Please see the section, “The Estrogen Environment- Cell, Rodent, and Humans” in this article.)

Rather, essential oils have synergistic properties and simultaneously effect biochemistry, physiology, and psychology. This means by balancing the body and removing the stressors, hormonal pathways will be altered and levels in our body of hormones can be optimized.

Let’s take a peek now…


The Calming Effect of Geranium Essential Oil and Hormone Impact

In one study of 80 subjects (male and female) post-heart attack (acute myocardium infarction, AMI), the calming effect of geranium aroma was again verified. This randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial compared the results of inhaling three drops of geranium essential oil vs. a placebo poured on absorbing patches attached inside the subjects’ oxygen masks. This intervention was administered for two days for 20 minutes. The abstract states:

…  all stages of the intervention, the two groups had a significant difference in anxiety scores, i.e. geranium aroma caused significantly greater reductions in the anxiety scores (P < 0.001)…

Inhalation aromatherapy with geranium essential oil is recommended as an easy-to-use, intervention to reduce anxiety among patients with AMI. (source)

As stated above, stress has a tremendous impact on hormones. Stress hormones result in a suppression in reproductive hormonal output. Excess amounts can even cause a woman to lose her menstrual cycle, hence the term, “stress-induced anovulation.”

This makes sense …your body isn’t going to want to carry a baby or “sow its seeds” while running from a grizzly bear. (source, source, source, source, source)

Therefore, think of the often-equated relaxation effects from aromatherapy alone for women with hormonal issues. Now, add that to quality essential oils with therapeutic constituents and consider the positive consequences!

Now, I’m going to stop here, because there’s a lot more to explore and I want you all to really understand these concepts.

In the next article on rose geranium, I’m going to be exploring specific studies on its effect on hormonal symptoms in women.

Stay tuned!

Please post your comments below and let me know your experience with rose geranium oil!


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