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The Negative Ramifications of Unresolved Physical and Emotional Scars

Everyone has scars, but some can’t be seen, or they may be repressed. Emotional scars can be covered up just as physical scars can, but this does not remedy the pain. Hiding our wounds and putting up a stoic front is likely a survival instinct to avoid appearing weak or to maintain acceptance from our tribe. However, the body does keep score.

Perhaps one of the most pertinent and concrete examples of how undealt with adverse events can impact the mind and body is the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Study. This research provided evidence of the link between traumatic events in childhood and an increased risk of various diseases later in life. According to the CDC:

…negative experiences in childhood and the teenage years may put children at risk for chronic health problems, mental illness, and substance use in adulthood…These negative experiences are known as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

ACEs are potentially traumatic experiences, such as neglect, experiencing or witnessing violence, and having a family member attempt or die by suicide, that occur in childhood (birth to 17) that can affect children for years and impact their life opportunities.

Furthermore, it has been shown that harmful stressors can lead to an increase in the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. If cortisol stays at heightened levels for an extended time frame, it can perpetuate unwanted brain structural changes and may negatively modulate nervous system responses throughout the lifespan.

In the book, Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk M.D discusses the scientific advances that demonstrate how trauma literally reshapes both the body and brain. As written in the book’s summary, this compromises “sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust.” In other words, trauma can decrease the experience of joy in life and cause one to isolate, act impulsively, and not feel safe with others.”

Thankfully, “innovative treatments” including neurofeedback, meditation, movement through sports, drama, and yoga have all been shown to cause activation of the brain’s natural ability to recover from trauma through neuroplasticity. Acupuncture and essential oils can also promote these shifts in the mind and assist us into getting into a parasympathetic state so we can be receptive to healing.


Holding Trauma in the Tissues

Fascia is the 3-D matrix that surrounds and connects everything else in the body. Fascia is now considered to be its own body system and communicates in a quantum way through piezoelectricity. (R, R, R) According to a 2022 article in Biophysical Reviews there is growing evidence of how these electrostatic interactions play a role in how cells function and contribute to cell-extracellular matrix connections and connective tissue healing.

Myofascial Lines (also called Anatomy Trains or kinetic chains), are the continuous chains of fascia, connective tissue, and muscles that link parts of the body, allowing for coordinated movements. Interestingly, it has been recently proposed the mechanical signaling in the connective tissue, along with electrochemical transmission through the fascial system network, can explain some of the therapeutic effects of acupuncture.

What many don’t realize is that stored emotions lie within our tissues and this communication network. On the most basic level, when your tissues are stiff or in pain, your biology and psychology shift through these electrochemical communications. Furthermore, when your mental health is compromised, so is your nervous system and muscular responses.

This means that if you are stuck in emotional or physical pain, you may need to go deeper than structural and biological fixes. Today, on the Essential Oil Revolution podcast we are going to discuss how to do just that.


Getting to the Deepest Levels of Healing

In this episode of the Essential Oil Revolution podcast we are blessed to be joined by an exceptional physician who understands how to heal at the cellular, biophysical, structural, psychological, functional, and energetic levels. It is none other than the world-renowned Dr. Kim Trager.

Dr. Trager is an integrative chiropractor, yoga instructor, and personal trainer. She has accumulated certifications in Orofacial Myotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, and Primitive Reflex Integration.

Born a teacher and learner, Dr. Trager, known affectionately as Dr. Kim, also has training in Chinese Meridian Therapy, Chakra Balancing & Clearing, Sound Therapy, Neuro Emotional Technique, Ayurveda, Numerology, and of course, essential oils.

She is a brilliant physician who can compassionately and passionately synergize her extensive experience to get to the root cause of her patient’s pain and various health concerns.

In this show we will literally be merging biological medicine with quantum physics and Dr. Trager is our guide!

We will be discussing:

  • how essential oils connect the mind, body, and spirit for healing.
  • how essential oils change our biochemistry and cellular functioning based on Dr. Trager’s latest discovery.
  • how to set up the nervous system for healing.
  • the link between fascia and healing physical and emotional scars.
  • how the Chinese meridians connect to fascia and modern medicine.
  • and much more!!

Below is an overview of the show, but be sure to tune-into the full show so you won’t miss anything!


How Dr. Trager Fell in Love with Essential Oils

Some of Dr. Trager’s earliest and fondest memories are being in her family garden, smelling roses, and going on walks with her grandparents. She considers herself an original “tree huger“ due to her deep connection with nature starting at such a young age.

When Dr. Kim discovered the healing power of essential oils, which were like “nature in a bottle,“ she was ecstatic. She was intrigued in how she could inhale these powerful secondary plant metabolites to create an instant change in her emotions, enhance her cognition, boost her memory, and help her sleep. Later, when she discovered topical and internal applications, Dr. Kim began seeing even more evidence of their true healing potential for herself and her patients. Her 30+ years of experience with essential oils qualifies her to be one of the earliest members of the “essential oil fan club.“


Using Essential Oils for Connecting the Mind, Body, and Energetic Levels

We are electrical beings in which our organs communicate through electrochemical charges that carry energetic frequencies. These have an influence on our physiology and psychology. (R, R, R)

You cannot separate any aspect that influenes health from affecting our energetic fields, physiology, and mental health. For example, lack of sleep brings down our vibration, lowers our mood, increases inflammation, and dampens our physical resiliency. Essential oils can be used to help mitigate these impacts as they balance our biology, psychology, and emotions. They merge the mind-body-spirit-energetic connection by creating biological shifts as they influence our emotions and well-being.

Unfortunately, this mind-body-spirit-energetic connection is under-recognized in conventional medicine in the United States, though it is much more understood in Europe and the East.


The Power of Essential Oil Synergy for Helping with Pain

Interestingly, many drugs are derived from plants. While certain compounds are isolated out and made into medications that offer benefit, they don’t contain the full synergy of the plant. This means one will not receive the “side benefits“ you would get from the symphony of constituent found in plants.

Dr. Trager enhances this synergy by blending essential oils to create personalized combinations for her patients. She uses mixtures of essential oils on almost all of her patients, unless they are sensitive to smells or get migraines. In this way, she can ignite change instantaneously at the emotional and physical level.

Due to the fact that Dr. Trager is a chiropractor, most of her patients have some form of discomfort, so she will often use the essential oils to calm inflammation and relax the muscles. At the same time, they also help with managing anxious symptoms, which is very common today and can be heightened when one is in discomfort.


Dr. Trager’s Recent Research Discovery

Essential oils are very small so they can absorb quickly through the skin into our system. Dr. Trager was intrigued by this and wanted to test this out for herself.

She and her team measured the blood of her patients who presented with chronic stress, liver issues, anxiety, and fatigue before and after essential oil applications. All patients were fasting for four hours to prevent any interference in blood chemistry related to food. Darkfield microscopy was used to determine changes in red and white blood cells. *

Certain essential oils were selected.

  • For stress, bergamot oil was applied. This oil has been shown in research to assist with overwhelm and to lower the stress hormone, cortisol.
  • For immune support, as indicated by low white blood cell populations in the analysis, lemon oil was used.

Overall, Dr. Kim’s research results indicated a potential increase in oxygenation and a boosted immune response in the blood after applying essential oils. These impressive changes in cellular physiology occurred within 30 minutes of topical use!

*Note: Darkfield microscopy is an emerging research technique that still is being elucidated in conventional science, but often used successfully in integrative practices.


Balancing the Nervous System for Healing

Dr. Tragus emphasizes that the “brain is the headquarters“ to our communication with our body. Our fascia helps distribute some of this communication through piezoelectricity. (R, R, R) It is also transmitted through our nervous system through the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve (CN X). It is the most complex and longest of the twelve cranial nerves. This nerve is predominately associated with the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the part of our of nervous system that subconsciously controls the smooth muscles of all our organs.

The parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is often referred to as the “rest and digest” part of the nervous system. It puts your body and mind in a state of restoration and repair, so its subconscious functions effortlessly occur. As a result, the vagus nerve profoundly influences the heart, gut, brain, and lungs.

The PNS works in synergy with the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which helps prepare the body for an emergency and assists with the “fight and flight” response. In this condition, survival vs. thriving is paramount.

According to Dr. Trager, you want your body to be in SNS mode 20-30% of the day so that it can recover and restore the rest of the time. This is why optimizing the calming response of the vagus nerve is paramount for healing any illness, disease state, or psychological disorder.

By using essential oils, one can modulate the vagus nerve. This can be done by applying them to points along its pathway, which expands from the brainstem in the medulla oblongata and has many branches throughout the body.

One influential point to use is directly behind the ear lobes. A combination of one part clove oil to two parts lime oil can be diluted and applied here for supporting the vagus nerve and putting one in a parasympathetic state.


Specific Essential Oil Applications to Optimize Healing

Based on her understanding and recent discovery, Dr. Trager feels topical applications of essential oils directly to the area of discomfort are most influential. This is why she uses abdominal massage with oils for digestive discomfort. Some of her favorite oils for digestive support are peppermint and fennel. Dr. Trager will also dilute oils and rub them on her patients’ chest for respiratory support.


Releasing Issues Within the Tissues

Due to the fact that fascia is a 3-D structure that surrounds every single cell of our body, every organ, and even permeates the bones, it is essential that it is optimized for health. It serves as a matrix that holds electrostatic charges and contains extracellular matrix, proteins, and collagen. This is why it is believed to be where we “hold issues in our tissues” and how trauma can leave an imprint within our body. As a result, fascial release, therapy balls, cupping, and foam rollers can be used to release “stagnant energy” and balance emotions. This also means that those who release emotional issues can also notice positive changes in the physical body due to the electrochemical shifts.

One essential oil blend that Dr. Trager uses in her practice to assist this release is Fascia Release. Lavender, vetiver, and sweet orange can also be helpful for the fascia as a mixture, but everyone has a different biochemical makeup and preference. For this reason, Dr. Trager will also personalize blends for people that combine the needed physical and emotional attributes to stuck energy. She finds citrus, peppermint, cypress, and juniper oils can be helpful for low mood. Lavender and vetiver oils may assist in relieving anxiety.

Scars can further impact fascia integrity and interfere with tissue and electrochemical communication. Essential oils can help remedy this as well. Dr. Trager uses Applied Kinesiology* to test what oils can help with scars. Dr. Trager’s favorites are lavender, frankincense, and rose oils.

*Although Applied Kinesiology is controversial, there is basic science and some literature to support how interference with the nervous system can impact muscular strength, the basis for muscle testing. Results from studies are heterogenous. Negative results are likely due to the non-standardized trainings of different practitioners, biases, and the limitations of randomized trials for adequately assessing personalized, integrative methods.


Shifting Into Happiness with Essential Oils

Dr. Trager’s new book, co-written by Candace Lawrence, incorporates the aspects of electrochemical, physiological, and psychological communication with the use of acupuncture, essential oils, movement, positive affirmations, and the foundations of health. These factors impact neuroplasticity and help to release stored emotions and blocks in the body to ignite healing. The book is based on the process Dr. Kim and Candace use in their workshops to produce positive results with the participants.


Learn More

Dr. Trager’s DIY hack is epic! She uses selected essential oils combined with a magnesium lotion that contains a carrier oil. These create a powerful combination to help to relieve spasms and relax the fascia.

Dr. Trager also highlighted her favorite combination of essential oils to put in a spray bottle, peppermint and orange oils. This is my new aromatic obsession!

… and there’s more!

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Links to Learn More About Dr. Trager


Previous Episode with Dr. Kim Trager


Bio of Dr. Kim Trager, DC, B.S.

Dr. Kim Trager is an internationally recognized heart-based, structural, energetic and integrative practitioner. She earned her doctorate in chiropractic medicine from Logan University and a B.S. in biology from the University of Kansas. Dr Kim, as she’s affectionally known to her patients and audience, studied with some of the most prestigious forerunners in wellness including Janet Travell and George Goodheart. As a result, she has accumulated an impressive array of certifications in Orofacial Myotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, and Primitive Reflex Integration. She is also a personal trainer and yoga instructor with additional training in Chinese Meridian Therapy, Chakra Balancing & Clearing, Sound Therapy, Neuro Emotional Technique, Ayurveda, Numerology, and Energy Clearing.

Dr. Trager is a sought-after educator and speaker for various trainings, summits, unique workshops, and presentations. She is also the author of “3 Novel Ways to Decrease Stress” and her just-released book, Shift into Happiness: A Guide to Emotional Balance. Shift into Happiness combines incorporating essential oils, the energy meridian system, and empowering movements to transport people into a happier state of being.

Known globally for her transformational healing, Dr. Trager uses her vast educational background and years of functional medicine experience to simultaneously heal mind, body, and spirit. She has also been a healthy lifestyle advocate for over two decades, using essential oils as a key element in her patient’s wellness journey. Just recently, Dr. Trager and her team performed a groundbreaking study to determine the effects of essential oils on cells using a live blood microscope. Their goal was to determine how specific essential oils applied to the skin would affect cells within a specific time frame.

Dr. Trager is a master at uncovering the causes of acute and chronic pain, body and brain lethargy, emotional blocks, and finding optimum ways to reset the nervous system and balance the parasympathetic nervous system. In this way, she not only enhances resilience but optimizes healing at the deepest levels, from cellular to energetic. She supports her patients through personalized nutrients, foods, movement, meditation, and lifestyle modifications. When you meet Dr. Kim, you will discover that her compassionate, calming, and powerful presence merges with her brilliance to open the space for her patients to reach their highest potential. You can find Dr. Kim at http://drkimtrager.com/.

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