A Course in Ease:

 An Integrative Approach on How to Reclaim your Own Happiness & Find True Success

Is your life arranged around work rather than living? 

Is your job creating strains on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and creating conflicts in your most important relationships?

Are you numbed to the true joy found in implementing an inner vision

 due to your permanent busyness?

This course offers a path in the road of moving forward to a life better lived, a life that isn’t paved with overwhelment and more to-do-lists. Though some experts may disagree that stress is a major contributor to illness, an article in JAMA reports a different perspective:

Despite widespread public belief that psychological stress leads to disease, the biomedical community remains skeptical of this conclusion. In this Commentary, we discuss the plausibility of the belief that stress contributes to a variety of disease processes and summarize the role of stress in 4 major diseases: clinical depression, cardiovascular disease (CVD), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/AIDS, and cancer.

A Course in Ease will provide insight and solutions based on Robert Holden’s, Success Intelligence,  to create better health and a refuge from society’s hyper-active pace. This course will not only provide guidance in work life, but also will support physical, emotional, and mental health.

An Overview of January’s Classes:

The Value of Success

·         How do you view success?

·         What are you willing to sacrifice for your definition of success?

·         Exploring your beliefs on success and re-writing our contract


The Hyperactive Society:

·         How does permanent busyness help or hurt your life?

·         What are you running from with your busyness?

·         “People Crave Success because they hope that it will attain salvation from the ego’s inner attacks.”

·         Evaluating our mania.

·         Cultivating your Personal Vision for Relationships, Work, and Life.

Physical Success Tip number 1

·         Foundation of Diet

·         Blood Sugar Stabalization

Cost: $18 a class, meeting monthly to bi-monthly starting in the New Year, and the purchase of Robert Holden’s Success Intelligence Book.

Availability: Walk ins are welcome but RSVPs are appreciated so we can make the proper arrangements.

Email nd@dr-lobisco.com

Dates for January: See below for first class and January 31st from 12pm to 1:15pm

Cancellations and Re-Scheduled dates due to increment weather will be posted on the website here:

Due to freezing rain, class will be re-scheduled for January 20th from 5-6:15pm.

Location: Healing Garden – 21 Garnsey Road, Rexford, NY

Presenter: Dr. Sarah LoBisco, ND

There will be an optional 21 day detoxification program with specific supplement protocols. Furthermore, essential oil recommendations for those who wish to support their physical body and current supplemental regime with be included as recommendations through the course. Everyone is welcome. 

Note: Classes are paid for by attendees at the time of the class. There is no mandatory amount of classes to make if you wish to participate. You may wish to choose the topics that most speak to you; however, the class is designed in a progressive manner with the added benefit of community support. There will be interactive group work and assignments and the most benefit will be derived from attending all classes.

For those who wish to receive all the group work and cannot make all the dates, you may contact Dr. LoBisco and in exchange for the cost of the missed class, you will be provided with the breakout work from the course and a guided overview of the materials covered. 

Optional Purchase Policy of Overview of missed class materials: Dr. LoBisco will provide the attendee with a self-study handout. The handout would include the exercises covered in class and would be emailed to the attendee. After it has been reviewed, a short phone call would be scheduled to go over any questions. The fee is in return for the handout and the scheduled mini-consult.The mini-consult is with the intention of providing support and to create a feeling that one is still included in the group. It is the aim of the course to provide a safe, community feel.




Sheldon Cohen, PhD; Denise Janicki-Deverts, PhD; Gregory E. Miller, PhD Psychological Stress and Disease (Abstract).  JAMA. 2007;298(14):1685-1687. doi: 10.1001/jama.298.14.1685