In this article, I will discuss the last two essential oil blends for a Nourishing November. These are tools that I’ve used personally and with my naturopathic and functional medicine clients to inspire abundance and joy. They will provide all the scents you need to enhance gratitude when you gather to give thanks with family and friends.

First, a Note on Blending Essential Oils

Before I begin discussing the abundance and joyful blends, I think it’s important to point out that blending essential oil singles into a harmonious synergy is an art and science. I suggest familiarizing yourself with the technicalities of combining essential oils before just tossing in a few drops of them haphazardly into a bottle. This will allow your DIY god or goddess to emerge, have fun, and not be disappointed with the results.

I have written previously on this topic here and here. I also found a few guiding posts that may be helpful. (source and source) They both review combining essential oils within different categories, their aromatic note classifications, the importance of fragrance influence, and more.

For those who aren’t big DIYers, like me, you can totally avoid the whole blending thing all together and still feel abundant joy. Simply find a similar blend from your favorite, quality supplier, open the bottle, sniff, and enjoy!

Now, let’s get to those blends!

An Oil Blend to Enhance Abundance: Introduction

This abundance essential oils blend is probably one of my favorite oils’ combinations. I use it to clear the slumps that are associated with feelings of lack, scarcity, or creative blocks. I often sniff it when I’m writing blogs or research articles. I find it inspires me and allows me to give back to the world with humility.

It also has wonderful physical and environmental properties. Sometimes, I diffuse it as an alternate to Thieves oil blend, especially during travel where there may be mold. This ensures air quality and additional mood-uplifting benefits.


Abundance Blend Overview

This blend awakens one to receiving all the good each day can bring. It is meant to attract prosperity in all areas: career, finances, relationship, and health.

It can also be used for immune and inflammation modulation, digestive support, antioxidant protection, inhibiting unwanted microbe growth, blood sugar support, mood balance, and grounding.

It contains a combination of spice and grounding oils.


The Sweet Spices of Wealth

Spices didn’t just make merchants rich across the globe — it established vast empires, revealed entire continents to Europeans and tipped the balance   of world power. If the modern age has a definitive beginning, it was sparked by the spice trade, some historians have argued. (Live Science)

The prosperous history of spice trade and commerce has a robust tradition. It led to discovery of new worlds, wealth, and… well, abundance! In fact, if it weren’t for the desire of nations to find new routes to access spices, we may have a whole different American history!

Therefore, in following with tradition, these sweet spice oils are prominent players in this abundance oil blend:


Feeling Grounded into Receiving

One must feel grounded in self and be open to receiving in order to experience abundance. The following oils are combined with the spice oils listed above to remove any lingering blocks of unworthiness:

  • Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) is the “King of Oils” for grounding, immune and neurological support, and balancing the mind-body.
  • Patchouli is uplifting to the spirit.
  • Myrrh has many similar properties to frankincense and opens the mind to greater opportunities.
  • Spruce is another oil to keep one feeling secure. It also relieves stress and has immune boosting properties.

A Joyful Oil Blend: Introduction

The following is my go-to diffuser blend to support positive interactions and human connection during gatherings. I dab a drop on my wrist daily to keep me from being a “negative nelly.”


Joyful Blend Overview

This blend of essential oils uplifts the mood and combats feelings of depression. It has oils that are beneficial to the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems, hormones, and digestion. It also is powerful for alleviating stress. I use it for my naturopathic medicine clients to enhance feelings of self-love, self-care, and to promote more human connection in one’s life.


A Blend for Uplifting the Mood and Inspiring Joy:

Joyful blend includes the following oils:

Conclusion: A Whole Mind-Body Scents of Calm for the Holidays

With joy and abundance, we have now completed our journey on supporting the mind-body through November using essential oils blends. We have shown how they positively influence our emotions, balance the gut-brain axis, address physical and environmental health, and inspire hope and connection.

I hope you’ve found this information helpful and will use my favorite naturopathic and functional medicine tools for a more enjoyable holiday season.

Also, if you need an extra boost, make sure read about an essential oils blend to inspire gratitude that I highlighted in a previous holiday series.


Have a beautiful Thanksgiving everyone!

I am thankful for you.


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