My Continued Love Affair with Lemongrass








The second part of my lemongrass article series has been released on the Natural Path. Here is a brief excerpt:

I was recently inspired to dive into research on lemongrass essential oil. The impetus was when I noticed it had not been worthily highlighted on my essential oils database. This essential oil holds a special place in my heart and by my diffusor for many reasons. These motives don’t follow the traditional and most popular applications for digestive support, its microbe and fungal inhibiting effects, or the role it plays in inflammation modulation,1-4 though they are intriguing. I’ll dive into the many noteworthy aspects of lemongrass oil in this blog series. First, let’s begin with how my love for lemongrass started with the adoption of my four-legged furry friend, Kiara Kitty.

I continue with the recap of Part I and also review the many advantages of diffusing this essential oil. Finally, I give you some smart oil tips on how to incorporate lemongrass into our wellness regime. Click here to read the full article.


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