In June the FDA issued a warning on the use of high dose Simvastatin (a cholesterol lowering drug). Based on a clinical trial, patients on 80mg of Simvastatin had an increased risk of rhabdomyolysis, a process in which muscle fibers breakdown and increase the risk for kidney damage.

According to Dr. Fryhofer’s Medscape article, 10% of people who take statins suffer from this side effect. The proposed mechanisms for muscle breakdown relate to a decrease in the stabilization of the muscle fibers and that various cofactors in cellular metabolism, including proteins and coQ10, are halted by the use of cholesterol lowering drugs.

In 2009, I referenced the high price of statin medication. The January 2008 cover article in Bloomberg, brings home the point:

What if you put 250 people in a room and told them they would each pay $1,000 a year for a drug they would have to take every day, that many would get diarrhea and muscle pain, and that 249 would have no benefit? And that they could do just as well by exercising? How many would take that?” asks drug industry critic Dr. Jerome R. Hoffman, professor of clinical medicine at the University of California at Los Angeles.

As a Naturopathic and Functional Medical Doctor, I practice upstream medicine. This means, I am looking for the cause of the problem. Blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like blaming a witness at the scene of the crime. We need to look at why the body is producing the cholesterol.

Cholesterol is needed in the body for a variety functions, it forms a protective layer around every cell in your body. It is a pre-cursor to important sex hormones, fat-soluble vitamins (including Vitamin D!), and is needed to make bile salts for the breakdown and use of dietary fats. Cholesterol is found in large amounts in the brain, adrenal gland, and nervous system. It is estimated that the liver actually makes about 40-50% and that only 50% of cholesterol from food is absorbed.

Cholesterol is so vital for health of the body, if it is reduced to too low of an amount; the liver is put to work and produces more. Due to its variety of functions, cutting it down so low, below 200, could be causing negative side effects outside of the heart.

Recently, I was fortunate to hear a seminar with Dr. White, an integrative DC & Nutritionist. He concluded:

The original study of cholesterol done in the 1960s on approximately 240,000 subjects found that cholesterol levels above 300 directly associated itself with an increased risk of heart disease. What was also reported in the same study also was that cholesterol less than 130 directly associated itself with an increased risk of cancer.

What about brain function and mood?

Cholesterol is essential for formation of the nervous system’s conductor for brain chemistry and pain perception, the myelin sheath. Remember all those references to fish oil, mood, and heart healthy studies? As I spoke about in the past, cholesterol is so vital to the function of the brain, that if it’s too low it can actually increase the risk of mood disorders and suicidal depression.

High cholesterol in itself is not necessary an issue. The problem lies in when the cholesterol gets oxidized or inflamed and sticks to artery walls. Correcting hormonal imbalances, high blood sugar, sources of infection and inflammation, and addressing stress all can prevent this unwanted effect.

Does that mean we ignore high cholesterol levels?

Cholesterol is important to look at in the midst of other factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Genetic profiles, such as ApoAE gene variations to assess if statins would be helpful based on one’s ability to clear lipids
  • Inflammatory and nutritional markers such as fibrinogen, homocysteine, and ferritin
  • Factors that assess stickiness of the blood such as lipoprotein structure, plaque indicator markers, and insulin
  • Checking for heavy metals
  • Looking at testosterone and hormones, including cortisol
  • Liver and kidney function

Furthermore, the root cause of why cholesterol is elevated should be addressed. A Naturopathic or Functional Doctor can help you navigate which tests might be helpful to run. They can also evaluate risk factors, such as hormonal and blood sugar imbalances, underlying inflammation causes, and food sensitivities.

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FEEDBACK GOOD UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30th: Supplement Access in Threat!

The recent FDA NDI Draft Guidelines have the potential to impose unreasonable demands on our availability of quality and accessible supplements. A summary of the draft can be found here. It can be found in its entirety here. Please review the material, and if you feel called to, spread the word to your friends and loved ones. Together, we can make a difference, as we did in 1994.

Dr. Mercola posted a summary and a proposed draft to send to our congressmen for our voice to be heard. You can also access a letter to send through the Alliance for Natural Health.


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