David Quinn, DC, passed away last night, July 12th, at 6:00 pm from a heart attack. Of course, Dr. Quinn held on until he had finished treating his last patient for the day.

Dr. Quinn was my first mentor and introduced me to the world of integrative and holistic medicine.  It was under his wing, as a chiropractic assistant, that I learned and got certified in Applied Kinesiology and began to accept there was more to medicine than just the right pill or potion. His generosity, love of medicine, dedication to service, and brilliant understanding of what is true medicine provided me with the roots of how I practice today. I would not be where I am without Dr. Quinn.

Dr. Quinn always believed in me and treated me as a colleague, even before I had “ND” after my name. . He allowed me to set up a part time practice in his office when right after I first graduated from Naturopathic Medical School. He reminded me to keep my head right sized as a physician, to fall in love with the patient, not the theory or modality, and to love medicine as a service, not a job. His family took me in and accepted me as a part of it as I went through my studies.

I will forever be grateful for Dr. Quinn. He will be missed by many. His legacy will continue to live on by all he has helped, supported, and by the grace of God…myself.

May we never forget that life is precious, short, and beautiful. May we take time between our busyness to see what’s truly important, and nurture our relationships that mean so much.

It is no coincidence that extraordinary medical visionaries die from heart attacks.  Sometimes their ability to give and capacity to love is beyond the physical.