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In this episode of the Essential Oil Revolution, we have an amazing expert joining us to talk about one of my favorite topics, brain health. Specifically, we discuss how to keep our brain optimized through the power of sleep, brain detoxification, lifestyle, and essential oils. To educate us on these subjects, we have none other than the brilliant, natural health and functional nutrition expert, Dr. David Jockers.


Sleep on the Brain

Many people are now aware of the dangers of not getting proper sleep. Sleep not only impacts our physical health but also how our brain functions, affecting cognition, mood, and our ability to process emotions.

Cutting sleep short also disrupts neuronal pruning and removing metabolic waste from neurons, both of which are needed for proper brain performance and memory formation. The brain’s waste removal system is called the glymphatic system and it is critical for the homeostasis of our brain and body. If there is impairment in the glymphatic system, from aging, lack of sleep, and other factors, it can cause decreased clearance of amyloid plaques. Over time, this makes the brain more vulnerable to neurodegenerative diseases.

In other words, if we don’t sleep, our brain can’t get the gunk out and we are unable to cognitively process all we need to optimally function.

Thankfully, we have Dr. David Jockers joining us on the show to enlighten us about how to care for our brain by getting the most out of its ability to detoxify. He is an internationally well-known doctor of natural medicine, chiropractor, innovator, author, researcher, educator, lecturer, and specialist in all things related to functional nutrition and natural health strategies. Dr. Jockers is on a mission to change healthcare and give people the tools they need to ignite their natural ability to heal and transform.

Dr. Jockers is perhaps most well-known for his exceptional website, DrJockers.com. It is considered one of the most well researched and easy to read health websites in the world. It currently reaches 1 million page views a month! Dr. Jockers also hosts the popular Dr Jockers Functional Nutrition podcast, is the author of The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough and The Fasting Transformation, and is the founder of the Atlantic-based Exodus Health Center.

You will hear how he demonstrates his deep understanding of physiology, biology, and psychology of brain health in an easy-to-understand manner. Due to his busy schedule, we had to keep a tight stop time. As a result, I popped back on after our interview to further expand on how essential oils can support our brain.

Below is an overview of what was covered in the show. Still, be sure to tune in and listen to the full episode so you don’t miss anything. Your brain will love you for it!

What You Will Learn:

  • Dr. Jockers’ background and experience in natural health (0 min)
  • What is the lymphatic system and what its function is (5.30 min)
  • What the glymphatic system is, its function, and what it is comprised of (6 min)
  • How active the brain is during sleep (6.50 min)
  • Why our brain shrinks during sleep (7 min)
  • The functions of our glial cells (7.40 min)
  • The factors that contribute to why our brain needs to detox, including: (8 min)
    • To lower the oxidative stress that has built up from our brain running on glucose (vs. the utilization of ketones)
    • For cellular apoptosis and autophagy: cleaning up and removing old cells
    • To optimize circulation of the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid)
    • To break down accumulated proteins
    • To remove toxic byproducts from bacteria, heavy metals, mold, and/or other environmental exposures
  • How sleep and sleep posture impact glymphatic function (12 min)
  • The six brain and neuronal supporting actions that glymphatic drainage accomplishes while we sleep: (12:45 min)
    • It rids our brain of metabolic wastes
    • It increases melatonin
    • It enhances neuronal cleanup
    • It helps us to build connections between neurons, strengthening neuronal synapses
    • It balances neurotransmitters
    • It enhances neurotransmitter sensitivity, including to insulin
  • How glymphatic drainage impacts neuronal health and how this relates to thinking, creativity, and Einstein! (14 min)
  • What happens to our brain when it is inflamed and how glymphatic function can assist with balancing out the negative effects: (16 min)
    • When the brain is inflamed, the neurotransmitters become imbalanced
    • Sleep helps to balance GABA and glutamate, which are neurotransmitters that impact how we think, our mood, and the health of our neurons
  • How lack of sleep can lead to excitotoxicity, which is linked to depression (17.50 min)
  • How glymphatic drainage can improve memory (20 min)
  • How to support the glymphatic system in relation to the lymphatic system: (21 min)
    • Our lymph system needs to get movement to flush out toxins.
    • Our glymphatic system drains into our lymph system.
  • The importance of hydration in relationship to brain detoxification and whole-body support (22 min)
  • What kind of diet you should consume to stabilize blood sugar to support brain health: (23 min)
    • A nutrient-dense diet with clean foods that are high in protein, healthy fats, and fiber from phytonutrient-rich fruits and vegetables is Dr. Jockers’ recommendation.
    • Fats and fiber should be individualized to tolerance.
    • Dr. Jockers feels you should avoid snacking.
  • Why sleep hygiene starts when you first wake up: (26.30 min)
    • Waking up with the sun helps to stimulate your circadian rhythm. It enhances wakefulness by increasing cortisol and norepinephrine.
    • Morning sun also regulates the sleep-wake cycle in our brain and supports our hormone system to boost melatonin at night.
  • The role of melatonin and how sunlight impacts its release: (30 min)
  • The impact of blue light on melatonin and sleep (31 min)
  • Additional sleep hygiene tips, including finding the right mattress (32 min)
  • The optimal sleep position for glymphatic drainage (32.30 min)
  • How castor oil can be used for enhancing glymphatic function: (34 min)
    • Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid. This compound helps to vasodilate our vessels which enhances circulation and relaxes our muscles. It also stimulates bile and supports lymph flow.
  • Essential oils for supporting glymphatic function and lymph flow and where to apply them: (34.50 min)
    • Mint oils contain menthol which can help with dilating vessels and stimulating blood and lymph movement.
    • Frankincense helps our brain and overall health due to its anti-inflammatory actions.
    • Jodi Cohen’s blends: Jodi has a Lymph Blend that she combines with the Parasympathetic and Fascia blend to support lymph flow.
  • What Dr. Jockers thinks we should remove and replace with instead to be healthier.
  • Some essential oils that can support our neurotransmitters, neurotransmitter receptor sensitivity, and memory to counter the negative effects of sleep loss (39.40 min)
  • Essential oils that can be neuroprotective and improve memory (40 min)
  • An additional “perk” to peppermint oil in relationship to our sleep-wake cycle (41 min)
  • Other essential oils to calm down the body and nervous system at night and how to use them (42.40 min)

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Bio of Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS

Dr. David Jockers DNM, DC, MS is a brilliant, internationally well-known doctor of natural medicine, chiropractor, innovator, author, researcher, educator, lecturer, and specialist in all things related to functional nutrition and natural health strategies. Along with his two doctorate degrees, he also holds a Master of Science degree.

Dr. Jockers is perhaps most well-known for his exceptional website, DrJockers.com. This site is an extension of his passion to transform lives for the better. It is designed to empower consumers and professionals with science-based education and natural methods to improve their health. It is considered one of the most well researched and easy to read health websites in the world. DrJockers.com has grown to such popularity, currently reaching over 1 million monthly page views, that Dr. Jockers has dedicated his career to managing and producing its sought-after content. Along with exceptionally researched, detailed holistic natural health articles, DrJockers.com also provides online wellness programs, webinars, an online store, coaching options, and lab work consultations with its trained integrative providers. Dr. Jockers also has available a variety of online summits, including the popular Healing Leaky Gut Summit, featuring over 40 expert interviews on gastrointestinal health.

Along with his website, Dr Jockers work has also been circulated through various national media outlets including ABC, Fox News, The Hallmark Channel – Home and Family, and the Dr Oz Show. Dr Jockers also hosts the popular Dr Jockers Functional Nutrition podcast. His advanced nutrition and recipe book, The Keto Metabolic Breakthrough was published by Victory Belt and can be found online and in many bookstores. You can also find his latest book, The Fasting Transformation on his website and Amazon.

Dr. Jockers is also the founder of the Atlantic-based Exodus Health Center. This labor of love was birthed from a special ministry of Dr. Jockers to change healthcare and give people the tools they need to be healthy, metabolically balanced, and happily thriving. It offers integrative and effective wellness-based solutions that enhance cellular health, movement, oxygenation, strength, immune function, organ system resiliency, and neurological health.

Dr. Jockers inspires others to ignite their innate ability to heal with the invaluable resources he provides to the world. While teaching, he has an ability to demonstrate his impeccable understanding of physiology, biology, and psychology in an accessible and easy to understand manner. He practices what he preaches regarding truly healthy living by blending his career with his family. He is a devoted husband to his wife Angel, a loving father to his twin boys David and Joshua and two daughters Joyful and Shine, and a strong believer in the power of faith. You can find Dr. Jockers at drjockers.com.



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