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The interconnection between the mind and body is no longer being denied in modern medicine. With the widespread effects of stress on psychology and biology, it has become evident that thoughts, perception, beliefs, and mindset all impact physical health.

For this reason, I feel that health and wellness are best viewed as comprehensive and dynamic concepts that are inclusive of the body, mind, spirit, lifestyle, genetics, environment, and socioeconomics. Obtaining balance in these areas allows one to live a more fulfilling and vibrant life. Taking this perspective, health can be used as a resource for living, not necessarily an endpoint itself.

Since February is American Heart Month, I have been exploring the connection between the brain and the heart. Specifically, I have discussed how stress, psychology, psychological factors, and social connections impact both heart health and mental health simultaneously.

Knowing about the heart-brain and mind-body connection is important, but what can be done about it?

I recently described how naturopathic doctors are important agents to alleviate the cardiovascular disease burden that is prominent in the United States. Their holistic approach to mind-body and emotional health, along with their “secret sauce”,  has been shown to be beneficial and cost-effective for cardiac care. Specifically, naturopathic doctors create a personalized treatment plan as they establish and foster a therapeutic relationship built on trust and mutual respect. This results in a healing space that fosters growth and renewal.

Essential oils are in alignment with naturopathic medicine philosophies and partner perfectly for integrative medicine support. They are my favorite tool to use with my naturopathic and functional medicine clients for supporting and supplementing the connection between the mind and all body systems.

Essential Oils for Supporting Mind-Body-Heart Wellness

Recently, my article in Natural Path discussed four of my favorite essential oils for mind-body-heart health. As noted previously, one of the main reasons I feel healthcare is failing to move the needle on cardiovascular mortality is based on not paying enough attention to the imperative role that healing relationships and mental health play on heart health outcomes.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

Due to the fact that our world is so separated and polarized, the importance of connection and effective communication can be challenging. One way I assist my clients to create resilience and build courage in relationships, beyond therapy and other modalities, is by using essential oils…

Essential oils’ molecular components simultaneously support physical, psychological, and biochemical healing. By balancing emotions, they aid in clearing blocks that prevent deep connections and living to one’s highest potential. Furthermore, by alleviating negative reactions to stress, balancing hormones, and promoting bonding, they can allow one to feel safer to open up in relationships.

Essential oils also promote cardiovascular health directly through various mechanisms of action. For example, ylang ylang oil has been shown to lower blood pressure as it relieves stress and promotes calmness.

The four essential oils highlighted in the article that support body-mind-heart health include:

  1. Ylang ylang
  2. Geranium
  3. Heart Unifying Blend (based on a formulation to inspire unity and empowerment)
  4. Lavender

I also list several previous articles on essential oils and heart health and provide application tips.

Click here to access the full article.

Learn More About Essential Oils for Heart Health & Mind-Body Support

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils’ properties and their use for whole-body support, view my database here.

You can also discover the five reasons essential oils and naturopathic medicine make a great team here.

Finally, feel free to explore my dedicated essential oils website which features the brand of essential oils I use with clients and information on specific products for healthy living.

I also offer essential oils wellness consults.


Upcoming Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit Passion Project

Be on the lookout in the upcoming months for an invitation to join an opportunity that truly incorporates all these integrative aspects of health.

This is part of my passion project to bring the heart and mind-body-spirit back into the forefront of medicine.

I’d love for you to join me and allow me to guide you in the process of becoming a more vibrant, healthier, happier person!

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This information is applicable ONLY for therapeutic quality essential oils. This information DOES NOT apply to essential oils that have not been tested for purity and standardized constituents. There is no quality control in the United States, and oils labeled as “100% pure” need only to contain 5% of the actual oil. The rest of the bottle can be filled with fillers and sometimes toxic ingredients that can irritate the skin. The studies are not based solely on a specific brand of an essential oil, unless stated. Please read the full study for more information.

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