Kate Fritz, HHC, Nutritional Specialist
Kate Fritz is a Holistic Health Coach, Nutritional Specialist, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Expert, and is passionate about raising her child in a holistic way. She is available for counseling and guidance in nutriton and other concerns regarding the care of little ones.
Contact Kate at 518-393-8832


Terry Quigley, MS, Essential Oils Consultant, Brain Gym Specialist
Terry Quigley is available to clients who wish to further their knowledge in aromatherapy and natural healing methods, at no additional charge.
Terry holds regular educational meetings on essentail oils at the Healing Garden in Rexford, NY and offers free monthly training telecasts.
Contact Terry at 518-860-5403 for more information


Maureen Quigley, Essential Oils Consultant, BS
Mo is available to clients in the farther upstate region of Utica, Syracuse, and Rochester.
Contact Mo at 315-420-9242