For several months now, I’ve been focused on optimizing brain health. After a whole series on using essential oils for psychiatric issues, I discussed how specific essential oils could be used to keep  cognition sharp in later years.

Recently, I have transitioned to the importance of starting to support emotional imbalances earlier beginning prenatally and moving  into childhood. My last post discussed cognitive development during adolescent years. It provided ideas on how parents and teens can use this important time to imprint effective communication and nourishing behavioral patterns.

Throughout all these life-stages, essential oils can offer balance and mind-body support.

As promised through the month, it is now time to gift my readers with a special blog that highlights specific essential oils for children.

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Finally, I explain the science of how sniffing “emotions in a bottle” is not only legit, but also very exciting.

*Safety reminder: Please be extra sure to check with your doctor if you have a seizure disorder. The Epilepsy Society of the UK lists certain essential oils implicated for their antiseizure effect as well as those that have stimulating properties.

For additional safety and medical information, please be sure to visit my essential oils database. This includes a full category on how to use essential oils safely and potential drug interactions that can occur.

If you and/or your physician are interested in consulting with me to assist with supporting the integration of essential oils safely into a therapeutic protocol, essential oils consultations are available.

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Disclaimer: This information is applicable ONLY for therapeutic quality essential oils. This information DOES NOT apply to essential oils that have not been tested for purity and standardized constituents. There is no quality control in the United States, and oils labeled as “100% pure” need only to contain 5% of the actual oil. The rest of the bottle can be filled with fillers and sometimes toxic ingredients that can irritate the skin. The studies are not based solely on a specific brand of an essential oil, unless stated. Please read the full study for more information.

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