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I had a Eureka movement within the past few months. The origination of BreakFree Medicine started when I was 21 years old, post-back surgery, and searching for a new career path. This was due to the injury forcing me to withdraw from my nursing program and to head into the wide-eyed world of integrative and functional medicine.

Essential Oils were my first introduction to the unification of science and “alternative medicine.” In fact, only after reading the an essential oils textbook two times through, did I begin to trust in the healing power of this ancient medicine.

Now, my love of essential oils and the passion I originally experienced has been re-ignited. This was due to following reasons:

1. I had fun reviewing the biochemistry and revisiting my journey in the October 2013 edition of the Townsend Letter,  …The ‘Magic Missing Bullet’ and Case Studies of ‘Accidental’ Relief’.”

2. The scary headlines on antibiotic resistance and the fleeting belief in these medications efficacy by many.

3. The upcoming flu and cold season and my clients’ desire to have their own natural medicine kit for it.

4. My goal to empower my clients and readers with safe, effective, tools that allow them to stay healthy and prevent disease.

5. The economics and time-crunch of the holidays and using essential oils to decrease health care costs from complications and co-pay.

Now, before I continue, I have to do a disclaimer that the following information is only based on pure, quality, therapeutic oils.  The following measures are important because essential oils aren’t standardized in the United States and can be labeled “pure” and only contain 5% of the actual oil. Please see my essential oils database on quality and safety to learn more. 

Now, onto the topic…

I discuss this connection between the oils microbe effects and immune balancing proprieties in my blog. In it, I highlighted the lessons learned from my beautiful niece’s bout with a sore throat throat. Read it here.


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