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When microbes were first discovered, we believed they were all harmful. As a result, medicine came up with various means to eradicate them in an attempt to cure infectious diseases.

We have since learned this approach was not the panacea we had hoped for.

With the discovery of beneficial microbes that support our health, rather than harm it, we have come to realize that we have underestimated their importance. We are still exploring the seemingly infinite ways these trillions of organisms that we cohabitate with (our microbiota) and their collective genetic information (the microbiome) impact our mind-body wellness.

As a result, conventional physicians have become astute to how they use antibiotics and medications that may inadvertently wipe out our helpful bugs as they attack unwanted pathogens.

Many integrative doctors have also become concerned that their antimicrobial herbal and supplemental nutrients could also result in a form of dysbiosis (imbalance in gut microbiota) similar to antibiotics.

Yet, this is likely not the case with botanical medicine and essential oils. Even if they act to inhibit pathogens, they also seem to benefit our commensal (“good”) bacteria.

In this episode of The Essential Oil Revolution, I do my first solosode!

I review studies on how essential oils impact the microbiome. Specifically, I explore the evidence on how they can selectively inhibit detrimental microorganisms as they support our microbiome.

It is based on my article published in Townsend Letter with some updated and additional information.

Since it is the holiday season, and this episode is released just after Christmas, I thought it was a perfect time to offer a shorter show. This way, you could still get your dose of essential oil education and have more time to spend with loved ones.


Here’s What You Will Learn if You Listen to the Full Show:

– The importance of the microbiome

– How the germ theory missed the mark in treating infections

– The multifactorial effects of essential oils and how their “antimicrobial” effects may not necessarily be “anti-biotic” to all our bugs in our belly

– How herbal therapy interacts with the microbiome to enhance resiliency and feed our “good bugs” as they inhibit “bad” microbes

– Human trials that demonstrate how essential oils combat a specific form of antibiotic resistance

– A summary of the current studies that explore how essential oils impact the microbiome with their ability to selectively weed out pathogens while supporting commensals

– The impact of essential oils on modulating weight related to their ability to change the microbiome

– If you should you take essential oils with antibiotics


You can listen to the full episode here.

Happy holidays!

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