Rice with genes to produce pharmaceuticals for children in Kansas? Spider genes in goats to produce bullet proof vests? A science-fiction film?? NO, it’s a true story that’s occurring in the USA.

There has never been true scientific research to prove that these products are safe, in fact most research recommends that long-term safety studies should be done. However, this isn’t what is happening. These products are already on the market, so it looks like we are the guinea pigs.

Jeffery Smith believes up to 90% of processed foods and 100% of fast foods contain GMOs. Soy, corn, and cotton are the top three foods produced with GM. GMO food is not required to be labeled; however, if you buy USDA organic or foods that are labeled non-GMO, you can be assured that your food is not contaminated. The biggest hidden danger for most people will be vegetable oils that are used in most restaurants and at home for cooking.

Thanks to Jeffery Smith, The DNA Roulette, can now be used as a checklist for the FDA to be accountable. This means that the FDA would have the burden of proof to prove that these 65 conditions are not related to GMO foods. IF they can’t prove this, they have no reason to put these foods in our mouths. Education is the key.

Currently, GMOs are outlawed in Europe. The difference there is that the consumers are educated on this subject refused to allow GMOs in their food supply. According to Dr. Lang, all it takes is 15% of the population to refuse to buy GMO foods to pull them off the market.

5 Reasons outlined in this audio that create health risks from GMOs:

1. The process of GMO: Mistakes in insertion

DNA can be damaged when it is inserted into the recipient species and then re-assemble into a different genetic sequence than was intended.

2. The correct protein itself may be dangerous

There is no guarantee that this novel protein is safe for the American public due to lack of scientific studies

3. The protein that was intended to be created may be different than what is present.

If an extra transgene fragment from the correct gene remains, even more genetic variants that aren’t intended exist. This may create toxic proteins

4. Increased use of pesticides or herbicides due to resistance from GMO crops

Stats: 80% more Roundup is being used on GMO crops vs. non-GMO crops today

This is a 38% increase from 2005-2006

5. Genes can transfer from eating these foods and enter into our digestive systems creating antibiotic resistance and pesticide residue inside our bodies