August is here and by now the back to school shopping is in full gear! Be smart and add oils to your educational checklist!

In a previous blog, I discussed that, along with stocking up on pencils, stencils, and snazzy sneaks, a little investment in essential oils may also be a wise idea. After all, a kid can be the best dressed, fed, and supplied, but still lack the scent-sational smell of  health-promoting, stress relieving, brain-empowering, hormone balancing, microbiome promoting, plant secondary metabolites.

Having a child equipped as a two-legged aroma-emitting diffusor can allow a parent peace of mind. This is from the knowledge that they have taken extra measures to allow their little ones the benefit of being safely protected in their own pleasant-smelling aroma shield.

Whether you are new to essential oils or an essential oils master, you will be ecstatic to know that our favorite consumer and environmentally sustainable company (link) has put out a promotion to take the guesswork out of the best oils to add to the children’s back to school checklist!

August’s PV promotion has everything you need for a smooth transition from summer sun to learning fun! Qualifying orders can take advantage of 5 KidScents oils from Young Living’s exclusive children’s line of essential oils, as well as Citrus Fresh ®, lemon vitality, Envision®, and Clarity®!!










With these select products from Young Living children’s line, your young one will be supported in being the GeneYus® you know resides inside. If any Owie® pops up, there’s a bottle for that. You can also help ease nighttime stress with SleepyIze® and calm any butterflies in the bellies from nerves or digestive woes with TummyGize®.  No longer with a little sniffle be an excuse not to get up and get dressed in their school clothes with SniffleEase®.

You can learn more about the KidScents from my webinar from last winter.* I provided links in this post regarding the safety of oils for children and the importance of proper dosages. Furthermore, the pdf of the webinar is meant to be a guide and resource for a summary of all my postings on children and essential oils safety!

*(Note: BiteBuster® has been replaced by the premier, all-natural, essential oils, OTC, Insect Repellent.)


Want to learn more about the other oils in the August Promotion?

Click here to gain some Clarity® on it as well as Citrus Fresh® and Envision.®

See below for a 2-minute video overview containing more ideas on how to incorporate these beautiful oils in your family life:



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More Essential Oils Information

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