Fennel seeds have been used for hundreds of years to aid in digestion and to support hormonal balance. Fennel essential oil contains the constituents anethol and fenchone, both of which are phytoestrogens. These compounds contribute to fennel’s ability to modulate estrogen production and support birthing. They also provide support in balancing menstrual problems and menopausal issues. However, fennel is not just a powerful hormonal supporting oil; it also has a strong infinity for the digestive tract and respiratory system. Fennel is soothing to the digestive tract and can help with all kinds of digestive issues such as constipation, spasms, and indigestion (PMID: 17278229). Recently it has been studied to be effective in inhibiting microbes that cause respiratory issues(PMID: 17726732). It is also a natural diuretic (PMID: 17578419) which makes fennel supportive to the heart, general circulation and kidneys. Furthermore, fennel is an effective in preventing microbial growth and its monoterpene content makes fennel effective as an anti-tumoral agent. If that’s not enough, it may also aid in breaking up fluids and toxins while cleansing the tissues AND supports metabolism. (I guess that would make it a good oil to add in some holiday recipes ). 🙂