Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Consultations

FOR CLIENTS:  My practice is virtual through phone consultations. My role is to provide support for wellness and provide suggestions for safe use of natural products and supplements. This is in order to enhance lifestyle and assist with re-balancing the body. I use my training in nutrition and in individualized, mind-body, herbal, naturopathic, and functional medicine. You can learn more here.

Please contact me to inquire about openings and to determine if we are a good therapeutic match for your wellness goals. Learn more about me here.

To book an individualized wellness consult for incorporating essential oils into your health regime, please click here or on the essential oils consult tab in the services menu.

For Health Care Providers: I can assist you with the use of essential oils for your clients using my expertise and training and background in clinical education and functional medicine. Please use this form to inquire about specific fees.

For new client forms, please ensure you’ve reviewed this information, then please click here.

Contact Information

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