BreakFree Into Wellness with the Best of Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine

Discover How Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine Offers the Best Blend of Holistic and Conventional Health Care

What Is Dr. LoBisco’s BreakFree Medicine?

BreakFree Medicine is an integrated and systemic approach to wellness. It uses a combination of naturopathic medicine and functional medicine techniques and tools to assist everyone to live their healthiest life.

BreakFree Medicine is a truly holistic model that assists in guiding one back into balance with their body and own innate vitality.

Dr. LoBisco’s BreakFree Integrative and Individualized Wellness Approach Is Based On Her Expertise In:
  • providing safe, proven, wellness solutions to various health concerns by integrating the best of conventional and holistic treatments
  • providing every individual spacious consultations and really listening to the needs of her many clients in order to get to the root cause of their issues
  • using naturopathic medicine and functional medicine philosophies to move beyond symptom control and address the underlying reasons why one’s body is experiencing dis-ease

If you are someone who believes health is more than the absence of disease, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to my Breakfree Medicine site!

I use my training in Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine to empower my clients and readers to optimize their health!

I am a practitioner who is trained in pharmacology (the study of drugs’ actions), nutrient-herb-drug interactions, herbalism, genetic individuality, epigenetics (how the environment effects gene expression), psychology, mind-body medicine, and biochemistry. Uniting this training within the naturopathic medicine and functional medicine models allows me to objectively and realistically review the scientific literature on natural approaches and determine how they can fit safely into an integrative health care model. In this way, I can support others in finding what holistic solutions are best for them because everyone is different with their own unique needs!

My clients and readers have reported significant and positive improvements in the following:

Mood Imbalances
Chronic Skin Issues
Women’s Health including pre and post-menopause support
Men’s Health
Weight Loss & Nutritional Counseling
Wellness & Lifestyle Consulting
Optimizing and Individualizing Supplement Selection
Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual Wellness
Blood Sugar Balance
Children’s General Health
Chronic Illnesses & Disease By Providing an Integrated Approach and Nutritional Protocols
Gastrointestinal Health *
Heart & Circulatory Support

On this site, you will find an abundance of free wellness information. My many articles are categorized into various subjects that review the best topics in natural health news and hot topics in health that have come up with my clients. I aim to separate the hype from what’s truly helpful. In this way, I can provide all of my readers with a vast amount of health resources that are scientific, valid, and reliable.

I invite you to explore my site to find what you need to move beyond living with symptoms and into living the life of your dreams. Let me help you regain your ability to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled. You will soon learn that naturopathic medicine and functional medicine are keys to breaking free of the mediocrity in health care and truly thriving!

Many have also enjoyed the opportunity to participate in an online wellness social community for additional support by joining me on my Facebook page and Tweeting with me!

Find out more about naturopathic medicine and functional medicine here. You can also test your naturopathic medicine IQ here.

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