Empowering Your Health with the Best of Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine

My Unique Blend of Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine Is an Individualized & Nourishing Approach to Restore Body and Mind Balance, Hormonal Harmony, & Digestive Optimization.

My passion is to empower women to achieve their current health goals. My clients have reported significant benefits and positive improvements in the following areas:

Mood Imbalances
Digestive Health & Celiac Disease
Hormonal Harmony and Women's Health
Individualized Nutritional Support
Body Peace & Diet Culture Liberation
Body, Mind, & Spirit Integration
Biochemical & Genetic Individualized Supplement Support
Health Care Empowerment

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Welcome to my Breakfree Medicine site!

BreakFree Medicine is an integrated and systemic approach to wellness. It uses a combination of naturopathic medicine and functional medicine techniques and tools to assist everyone to live their healthiest life.

BreakFree Medicine is a truly holistic model that assists in guiding one back into balance with their body and own innate vitality.

If you are someone who believes health is more than the absence of disease, you’ve come to the right place!


On this site, you will find an abundance of free wellness information. My many articles are categorized into various subjects that review the best topics in natural health news and hot topics in health that have come up with my clients. I aim to separate the hype from what’s truly helpful. In this way, I can provide all of my readers with a vast amount of health resources that are scientific, valid, and reliable.

I invite you to explore my site to find what you need to move beyond living with symptoms and into living the life of your dreams. Let me help you regain your ability to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled. You will soon learn that naturopathic medicine and functional medicine are keys to breaking free of the mediocrity in health care and truly thriving!

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Clinical Pearls From Two Of the Top Naturopathic Medicine Doctors In Integrative & Functional Medicine!

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